Spring Cleaning Tip For Window Treatments

Written by Kelly on April 22nd, 2014


Taking down the curtains to clean is not one of my favorite household jobs to do. But at least it is not like years ago when we had the fancy, heavy window treatments:


That really wasn’t that long ago was it?

I like taking ideas on how to clean quick and easy and try it out. One trick I have learned that does make getting those curtains done without washing or dry cleaning, is to put one panel at a time in the dryer with an old, dry terry cloth towel. The towel will absorb the grime released in the tumbling action. Set it on for 30 minutes on air fluff—no heat cycle. Remove immediately and hang. One extra step I have included is to throw in a dryer sheet for added scent.


Your window treatments will be fresh and clean! And a fraction of the cost of dry cleaning. Has anyone else use this cleaning method? Love to hear any other shortcuts you use to get your house clean!

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Custom Starburst Mirror

Written by Kelly on April 19th, 2014


I am so happy how my new starburst mirror came out. I think it is so pretty! That I made it myself is an extra bonus why I love it even more:



An inexpensive and easy project- my favorite! I had made this same mirror a couple years ago here:

star mirror

I like the unfinished look of the wood, but this time I needed a pop of color for this large empty wall:

empty wall

I used the same number of shims and followed the same directions here:

new star

new star2

new star3

new star4

new star5

I actually really enjoyed putting the mirror together. Fun project.



What do you think? Just think of all the colors you could paint it to work in your space! A wow accessory that is easy to make and inexpensive. Do you have a place a new mirror would look great?

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend my friends!


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Simple Spring Mesh Wreath

Written by Kelly on April 15th, 2014

I was at Michaels the other day and I saw these pretty Easter wreaths made out of mesh fabric:

mesh wreath


They were very pretty but cost $50.00 each!

Remember this burlap wreath I made last Fall?:


It was so easy and I got a lot of compliments on it. Since I had made the burlap wreath, I thought the mesh wreath should be fairly easy also.

I was happy to find at Michaels  a metal wreath that already has the twist ties attached. Much easier to make a wreath!


I used about one and 1/2 large rolls of mesh fabric and one small roll. The wreath was $6.00 and the rolls were on sale at $5.00 each.


First, tie end piece to wreath:


Then slide your hands down about 10 inches of fabric then gather together accordion style:


Attach the gather to the wreath using the twist ties:


I worked along the bottom ring first, then moved up to the inner ring.


A little hint is that it is easier to work if you put the wreath on the table and the roll of fabric on the floor:


When you think the wreath looks full enough, puff up each section!:


You can add a bunny or some Easter eggs or anything you like. I just wanted to add a happy Spring bow on mine:


I like simple and pretty! Happy Spring everyone! I think it is finally here.

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Fire Safety Tip For Fan Decks

Written by Kelly on April 13th, 2014


Do not leave your color fan decks unattended when lights are switched on! This weekend I had left my fan deck against a wall sconce to show my husband a couple of color options to paint this wall:


But then I forgot about it until I smelled smoke. It was a really bad burning smell that just kept getting worse! I called for Mike and at first we could not find it, but then I saw the fan deck sticking out with flames!

My husband was mad. Thankfully the wall did not catch on fire. Just the fan deck.


Please do not leave your paper fan decks unattended while leaning on a wall sconce that is on.


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