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Thinking of using a blue paint color?

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Thinking of painting your room blue? If so, you are in good company. Blue is the favorite color of both men and women. Depending on the shade, blues relax, soothe and make us feel spiritual and centered. Blue is instinctively chosen for bedrooms for just this reason. It also improves productivity, so a good blue may be the right choice for a kids’ room where they will be studying.

Blue is also considered to be a clean color, so it works well in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Blue seems to work less well in the kitchen. When blues are used in connection with food, they can have the effect of suppressing appetite.

Using Blue with Other Colors:
Mix the color of blue with green for a natural, watery palette. Add gray for understated elegance.
Sky blue and robin’s egg blue, especially when combined with neutral light brown, tans, or beige are environmentally friendly color combinations.
Throw in a dash of blue to cool down a hot red or orange scheme.
Grab attention with the contrast of blue and yellow.
Dark blue with white is fresh, crisp, and nautical. Red, white, and blue is a patriotic color trio for many countries, including the United States.
Use dark blue with metallic silver accents for an elegantly rich appearance.
I love using the color blue in my home. I even have a blue ceiling in my home painted a Benjamin Moore Luxe AF-580. Just beautiful!

Restful, relaxing bedroom

Restful, relaxing bedroom

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