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What’s New In Window Treatments

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Today I enjoyed a yummy breakfast with my window treatment seamstress extraordinaire, Linda Murphy.


You know how I am always pushing you to sample your paint color at home because of how different it will look in your space?  Linda and I discussed today how the same principles apply to fabric; how fabrics can look so different in your home with your lighting, wall colors, trim and other fabrics in room.  It can transform the look of the fabric than what you see on a bolt of fabric in the store.

                                                     Image File                      

I will be the first to admit I am no genius when it comes to window treatments.  I know what looks good and I can tell if they were custom made or JC Penny made. I of course keep up with the latest designs and where they are headed.  Color has a lot of do with window treatments also.  You can’t have beautiful window treatments using ugly fabric and colors. That is why I always call in the experts,since they know what fabric will work with which treatments best.

cathy kincaid dining room                                                      Cathy Kincaid

I realize the biggest detriment to custom treatments is the cost.  But besides the fabric making the whole room look finished, there are other benefits to having window treatments. these include year round insulation, combination of controlling light, providing privacy, insulating and/or decorating.  Drapery can also add drama and warmth.

     Larry Laslo Fabrics

And my favorite part of hiring an expert- having someone come into your home, measuring, giving great ideas and suggestion and after completing them, installing in your home to look fabulous for years to come.  Love that!              


Some other interesting subjects we discussed was that silk panels are still strong.  Just take a look in the new fall catalogs, Pottery Barn and   Restoration Hardware to name just a couple.  

Dupioni Silk Pole Pocket Drape

Pottery Barn

I was very surprised when Linda said that she has seen cafe curtains coming back!

Casual Cotton Cafe Curtain   Pottery Barn

No, the new ones look nothing like the outdated ones I had shown on the Top 10 List of Items Still Found in Homes Today.   The current window treatment books show a lot of sheer cafe’s either to the floor or just a 3/4″ cafe with or without  valance on decorative pole with rings.   Very sharp looking.   I found cafe style at Pottery Barn (see above photo) but not Restoration Hardware.  Found some not so nice at Target,  none at Macy’s.  What do you think of cafe curtains?  Am I allowed to say that I like the bottom panel but not the top?  Who says I have to use together?

If cost was not an issue, not even part of the equation,would you hire a window treatment expert to dress your windows for you?

If you need help with your window treatments or other decorating dilemmas, contact me today.

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I Can’t Stop LOL!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I found this great blog this morning and just had to share.  It is the mogg blogg and here are just a couple examples that I know are so silly but they are just cracking me up!

Vacuum Covers

                                              More ‘SYDN’.
                                        (Shit you don’t need)

Hey Buddy

designswan                       Turn off your lamp.  Nobody wants to see that.

No Offence But-



In our eyes, you’ve pretty much gotta be a raging alcoholic to drink out of one of these things.

Hahahaha!!  OMG!  The lovely girls that write this blog are Joy and Janet who created to tackle ‘fugly’ design and home decor on a daily basis.  Visit them if you are looking for a good LOL time.


If you are looking for help with your design style, call me today!

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Priority! Questions To Ask Before You Begin Redesign

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

1-makeover-media-room-0207-xlg                                            House Beautiful

So you want to redo your old fashioned living room into something more modern, more stylish, more comfortable.  Before you move forward you must decide first:  ‘What do I want to use the room for?’


                                                John Willey

Is this a room where you want to lounge and watch TV and movies?  Do you want the space to be able to entertain guests?

livable-living-room-in-a-california-xlg-97740336                                      Designer Ken Fulk

Would you need a space made for the kids to do homework at a table?  How about a place for you to sit and relax with coffee(or wine) and a book?                             

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Jeffrey Bilhuber

If you take the time to answer these questions first, you will have a good direction of where you are headed.  What are your priority’s for the room?  You must decide what the room will function as and then plan accordingly.  That is a great first step in planning your redesign instead of jumping in with both feet and not knowing where to even begin the process.  Don’t you agree? Small arrangements, including the placement of rugs, can help you carve out space for activities in your room which we will go into further detail next time.   Comments?

NEXT TIME:   More questions to ask yourself before your redesign project.

If you need help answering these questions on the direction you are going with your redesign, contact me today!

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Painted Ceilings Give Rooms a New Depth

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

There seems to be so much to talk about lately regarding painted ceilings.

greatshelves                                             File Photo

It seems to me that not very long ago, the option of painting your ceiling another color besides white was just catching on.  Beautiful blues seemed to lead the change.

                                         Linda Banks

Some of my very favorite design photos are designed with a light blue ceiling.

                                           Linda Banks

Aren’t they so beautiful?  Don’t you want to paint yours blue now too?

                                   Traditional Home

But now suddenly, I see more and more ceilings being painted darker, richer, surprising paint colors.

In our NH home, the ceilings are very high and slanted. My husband had to climb up on staging and told me I had better love the color I chose because he was only going to paint it once and that was it!

nh white ceiling-1

At the time I was obsessed with the Ben Moore color lux af-580.  I was really nervous but I decide to go with it and paint the large ceiling with lux.


nh ceiling2-1

my wonderful husband

nh ceiling4-3

What do you think?  I love it.  Do you know that is one of the hardest hurdles I face when working with a client for the first time?  I beg them to please paint their ceiling anything besides white.  I try reasoning with them that they do not want that big sheet look over their new beautifully painted and decorated room.

                               Better Homes and Gardens

Most clients just blame it on their husbands- “ I would love to but my husband won’t paint any more than he has to.”  I explain the ceiling is considered the ‘5th’ surface in the room and we do not want to neglect it!  I try to teach clients how to be bold and go for it.   So… half of the time I will get client to paint the ceiling, but usually only a very, very light shade of color.

A dining room painted with Benjamin Moore wall paint in Branchport Brown (HC-72) complemented with Crisp Khaki (234) and Misted Fern (482) accents.                       Ben Moore- Ceiling Color Can Transform a Room

I am really liking this new design idea for the ceilings.  Think of how creative you can be.  Again, just by using paint!!  I even encourage you to try different finishes, instead of a flat finish, try eggshell or satin for a little extra sparkle.

What do you think about painted ceilings?  Comments or pictures you would like to share with us?

Do you need a little encourgement and advice choosing a ceiling color?  Contact me today.

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