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Christmas Tablescapes

Friday, December 17th, 2010

I thought you would enjoy a few more inspirational photos of beautifully decorated tables all decked out for the Holidays:


Pier One

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…

Sandra Lee

 A simple gold charger with a pretty plate and an ornament on top.  Very chic!

Guy Fieri

I love the look of short cut flowers in vases.  Very elegant (and easy!)


Paula Deen

Looks like a wild Christmas party over at Country Living:


Country Living

 This tablescape below should be fairly easy to duplicate with your own tableware:


Especially for my daughter Meg:


Who loves those little white donuts!  Look at all of them babe! Yum!!

Isn’t this simple but adorable?


Country Living

 I thought this was so sweet:

Country Living

Country Living

 And one of my very favorite Holiday tables:

    Katrina Giles

Do you dress up your table for the Holidays?  Do you have a picture you would like to share?  I would love to see!!

 If you need help making your home warm, comfortable and happy, contact me today!

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Benjamin Moore Introduces New Color Palette

Friday, December 10th, 2010

 Earlier this week, I met with Fran Mooney, a  Color Specialist at BM, for breakfast and she shared some breaking news!!  BM has been busy this holiday season because they are about to release  200 new colors! These colors are part of a brand new paint color collection called “Color Stories”.  

Benjamin Moore Color Stories at Babels Paint and Decorating Stores

 When I first saw the new fan deck I just stared at first with my mouth kind of open…  I was just amazed at how deep and rich these colors look!   The samples are hand painted with Aura eggshell on a specifically designed paper backing.   I compared them with the Affinity fan deck (which I love!) andWow”!It is remarkable how saturated, intense, rich, unique and beautiful these new colors look!  You just have to see for yourself!

2010 12 09 001

Some of the reasons this collection is so remarkable is that this collection of complex colors are full spectrum, meaning there is no black or gray in any of the colors.  Complimentary colors are used to make these hues.  The creators are now using an exact science, like a prescription, to mix these unique colors with exacting specifications based on how color, space and light intersect.   The 200 handcrafted colors were chosen based on their versatility and dependability with a variety of architectural styles and lighting environments.

2010 12 09 005

Compared to the beautiful Affinity collection, which has an average of 2-3 pigments in each individual color, Color Stories has between 5-7 colorants each!  You will believe that when you see how intense and rich the colors are.


Color Stories Display

Inspired by nature, the senses, moments in time, found objects and pure imagination, each color tells its enticing tale.  The new collection is being presented as “8 Color Stories” with 25 colors included in each story titled:

urban casual,

dark romance,

free spirited,



 organic comfort,

worldly views and



2010 12 09 023

There are two fan decks ‘Color Stories Palette Book’  Volume 1 and Volume 2 with 100 colors in each.  And each color each a story written on the back!  The colors have been given great names such as:

Lilac hush CS-555; immersing a room like a vague, dreamy memory, this color is the quietest of violets.

lilac hush cs-555

lilac hush cs-555

Hannah Banana CS-35; sinfully delicious. This yummy banana cream pie color is a blue ribbon winner!

hannah banana CS-35

hannah banana CS-35

Fancy pants CS-485; Put a little fun into your rooms and get the party started with this uplifting shade of bluish purple.

fancy pants cs-485

fancy pants cs-485

So now that I have you sooo excited to check out these new colors, I have some other news also which is not so exciting..  This is a pilot program, so the actual display is only in five locations, two of which are in New England. The new England locations are in Norwood, MA at “Babels” and the other location is in Norwalk, CT at “Rings End“. 

The other three displays are in are retailers in VA and DC.  Benjamin Moore is forecasting that there will eventually be approximately 200 retailers that will support this new color system.  Unfortunately, fan decks are not yet available to designers, but they are being worked on. Details will be coming soon and I promise I will pass along to you my fabulous readers!

Fran told me that she is hoping you will enjoy their stories, but her wish is that you  fall in love with these truly unique and natural hues and create your own color story in your life with these exceptional colors.

I tried to pick my favorite color story.  I can’t do it!  I really like free spirited,urban casual and dark romance. Of course I am loving the blues and purples in all the stories.  Please write in when you have seen the collection and let me know what you think of it!

If you need help choosing the perfect color for your home, contact me today!



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Even More Christmas Tablescape Ideas

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Ok- this is it on Christmas decorating from me- promise (ok maybe)! I just have to share these last easy, quick and affordable ideas with you. I know you want me to share!

Crystal ClearBetter Homes And Gardens

“Nature is the muse for this glowing centerpiece. Fill a glass cloche with clear ornaments (with their caps removed) along with shapely pine cones and evergreen tips. Flip the cloche upside down on a paper plate, place on the table, and remove the paper plate. Surround the cloche with more evergreens for a fresh, fragrant display.”  Better Homes and Gardens

Muse?   Cloche??  I just liked the paper plate idea.

Love this:

Tall centerpiece with liliesBetter Homes and Gardens

“This elegant arrangement is made of  ‘Casablanca’ lilies. Simply strip the leaves off and tie the stems together, pushing the bottoms into florist’s foam. Lilies usually last two weeks from bud to end of bloom, so this decoration will last through New Years!”  BHG.

Look how pretty:

Updated DisplayBetter Homes and Gardens

“Make simple Christmas ornaments the center of attention by arranging them in a square, clear glass vessel wrapped with pretty ribbon. Set the package on a silver tray, then embellish the inside and outside of the display with faux snow and additional baubles.” BHG

Look how simple and elegant this arrangement is:


“Boxwood clippings in a white tea cup become a tiny holiday tree. Fill the cup with oasis foam and stud with green clippings. Use a hot glue gun to attach silver dragees from your cake-decorating stash. Add sparkle to natural cones and acorns with a light spray of silver paint.”  

Country Living

OK, that’s it from me on Christmas decorating!  I have a really, really big story I am working on about a new product in the design world that is going to amaze and daze you!  Stay tuned!

If you need help making your home comfortable and happy, contact me today!

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