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Bringing Back Your Dining Room, part 1

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Not listed in any specific order, here are just a few quick and affordable ideas to bring your dining room into this century.

 Number Ten-

Look at your table.  Do you like it?  Is it worth keeping? If you are not ready to buy a new table now, how about just decorating the one you have?  If you really do not like to look at, purchase a beautiful fabric tablecloth to cover it.Unlike your mom’s old vinyl tablecloths, today there are some really pretty ones out there:



And Macy’s:

Tommy Bahama Table Linens, Set of 4 Woodrift Floral Napkins                 Lenox Table Linens, Chirp 52" x 70" Tablecloth   

A more modern look would be to use runners.  One long one down the length of table, or two or three placed sideways across the table:

Rachel Ashwell.

Paula Deen

Number Nine:

Do you still have that outdated brass chandelier hanging?


You can see how to update here by spray painting. Or, if you have not looked for lighting lately, there is a wide, affordable selection at Lowe’s and Lamps Plus for example.

Portfolio 5-Light Bronze Traditional Chandelier

The above chandelier can be found at Lowe’s for only $168.00.  Think of how pretty your room can be with beautiful lighting!   A great focal point spot.

Number Eight:

Rugs. Do you have a rug in the dining room?  Maybe it can be taken out for a new look.  Or if you still love it, pull one of the colors out of rug to use as inspiration in choosing a paint color.

Cathy Kincaid

Number Seven:

Window Treatments!  Step back and take a good look at them.  Are they blocking your outdoor view?  Are they older than 8 years old?  If you are not happy with them- take them down!  Open windows will always look stylish, fresh and happy!  If you can afford new custom curtains, go for it!  Fabrics are just beautiful out there. Or if you want to diy, hanging a black iron window rod close to ceiling and hang full panels down each side of window. Just try something new if you are not happy with them. 

8-dining-room-xlg-64746037Fern Santini

Number Six:

Hanging Artwork the correct way.  My favorite dining rooms I see that really make an impression is when a large print is used on one wall.


Jamie Drake

If you have a set of two or more pictures, bring them closer together!  Just about 2-3 inches apart is perfect.  They will make a much bigger impact all together, rather than spacing far apart trying to fill the whole wall.  And the dining room is one of my favorite places to use mirrors.  Great way to add sparkle and shine to the space.


                                                         Darryl Carter

So, I will see you back here in a few days and continue the list with ideas for quick, affordable updates for your dining room.


If you need help updating your home, contact me today!


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The ‘I Can’t Get It Right Wall’

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Have you ever painted/papered a wall that you immediately disliked the moment you were finished??  This is my wall:


That was my second attempt on this wall.  At first, when we started the basement project, I wanted to just hurry up and paint it to be done.  I painted it BM Raisin Torte 2083-10.

raisin wall-1 

It was ok, but I thought it was just too boring.  So then I convinced my husband to help me wallpaper which was a BIG mistake on my part.  As I told you at the end of my last post here , I disliked the wallpaper the minute it was up.  Too loud for me. My husband did not like it either!  He refused to help me with the wall anymore (but honey, it has been about 5 months already! haha). But I knew how bad I wanted it off so I began to scrap off the paper:


And scrape:


Bringing back any memories of your own scraping? And then 11 hours later, the wall was finally clean and clear!


Ta Da!  My hands hurt really bad even as I type this :), but I was very happy to get it done over the weekend. The painting came next- that was the easy part!


This is the new Ben Moore ‘Color Stories’ baltic sea cs-310.  I wanted to use the new paint and check out the results for myself. I had it mixed with the Aura formula and as usual, the paint went on so smooth and easy.  Drying time was only one hour between coats.  And with the promise of a rich, beautiful shade here, the texture and depth was better than I could have imagined.  It is a beautiful color product.


The first painted picture above is a more accurate color representation.  It is more of a tealy blue.  It is beautiful!  I am done with this wall!  (for now… :))

Have you ever disliked the color that you were painting right away?  Did you paint/paper over it right away?  Or did you live with it for awhile like me and tell yourself it is not so bad…   

I just loved the new BM ‘Color Stories’ paint.  It really is a step beyond what we expect in a paint, very rich and gorgeous.  Hope you get a chance to use soon!

Comments?  Bad wall stories you would like to share?

If you need help choosing the right paint color, contact me today!


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Peek at the New Ben Moore “Color Stories”

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

I was so excited this past weekend to finally drive up to Norwood, MA to visit Babels Paint and Decorating Store to see the new Ben Moore display “Color Stories”.

2011 02 15 001

I first introduced the new color palette here.  The fan deck I had seen sold me on how beautiful and deep the colors actually are.  I had to try it out!  But which color?

2011 02 15 003

I had my eye on a few color favorites before I even got to the store. There are “8” Color Stories” in the 200 color palette and I seem to be drawn to “free spirited:”

2011 02 15 011

2011 02 15 012b

2011 02 15 013b


2011 02 15 014c

2011 02 15 015w  

and “enriched:”

2011 02 15 005

2011 02 15 006w2011 02 15 007w2011 02 15 008w

  2011 02 15 009w

They both have colors that fall into that mid range tone I love to work with. I wanted to try a gallon to see myself how it looks after painting the wall.  An experiment!!  I choose baltic sea cs-310.  It is in the ‘enriched’ booklet (first picture under the ‘enriched’ section above.)  It’s color story is “A brisk ocean breeze coming off the Baltic- the perfect shade of blueish teal to put you in the moment!” That is a good description of the color, it is a blueish teal.  Very pretty.  It was the first color I choose and then I kept going back to it and comparing with others.  Just felt the love. :)

New Image

Again- not a very great representation.  Much better looking in real life.

So where can I find another wall to paint?


Yes??  Or no??  Should I paint this wall again because I don’t like it (and it is the first wall you see when you enter the room.)  And did I mention I just don’t like it?  It it very loud and not what I thought it would look like when I bought the wallpaper. Please comment and let me know if I should change it AGAIN!  Do you believe ‘three times a charm’??

 To be con’t…….

If you need decorating help, contact me today!

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Coordinating the Bed and Bath

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Does your bedroom and bath visually flow together ?

Hattie Wolfe and Abby Rizor

Would you like to coordinate the two rooms together?  Design an ensuite

via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

“Ensuite refers to a bedroom constructed with its own toilet and bathroom (i.e. it does not share these facilities with any room). All Ensuite means is that all bedrooms have their own toilet and bathroom,” states Neptune Shelter Limited  (the name ensuite came from France-those fancy naming people! hee hee).


When decorating a master bathroom, the first thing I do is look at the master bedroom. For most people, the master bathroom needs to be a reflection of the master bedroom.  Homeowner’s like it to effortlessly flow from one to the other, and they need to complement one another. So if the bedroom is already established, then I look at the bathroom and think of how going to make this look like a huge master suite.

Amanda Nisbet

Amanda Nisbet

I think that if the bathroom and bedroom are to work successfully together, their schemes need to relate, while at the same time maintaining their own individual character. An effective way of achieving this is by reversing the bedroom scheme in the bathroom – that is, taking the bedroom accent color and using this as the main color for the bathroom, and adopting the main bedroom color as an accent color in the bathroom.

 As an example, in the picture below, I used a similar light blue violet color in the bathroom. I then used a deep, darker blue for the walls in the bedroom to continue the color scheme. 

Here are just a few suggestions to keep in mind when choosing colors and fixtures for the bath:

 Keep the expensive items – ceramic tile, countertops, bathroom fixtures – in neutral colors. Remember, neutral is not just white, gray, or ivory – but can be almost any color as long as it is muted. You will not be replacing these items very soon and you may want to change the color scheme. With neutral colors you can easily give the room a whole new look while not having to spend a fortune.

Elle Decor

Apply your dramatic color to the walls, towels, window treatments, rugs or accessories. These things are easily replaced. 

bathroom with bathtub and small chair

Southern Living

Just be sure to use consistant elements in both rooms that coordinate in your paint choice, fabrics, flooring and decorative accessories. Stick to one mood, such as formal or informal.

 Do you even want to coordinate your rooms together?  Or do you like the idea of two separate rooms to design and decorate any way you wish?


If you would like help combining your bed and bath, contact me today!

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