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Peep Invasion!

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

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I just wanted to share how hysterically funny this is to me. I was looking through pictures on Pinterest and saw this picture of an Easter decoration made out of Peeps:

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I got such a laugh out of it I decided to search “Peeps” and I could not believe how much Peep action was going on out there! Look:

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I think it looks silly! Ok, I might have a little something against Peeps. I do not like the taste, feel or even the look of a Peep. There! It’s out! Now I see people using them for decorations:

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Look, people are even roasting and eating them!:

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So funny!

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Making pillows with images of Peeps! haha:

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People are even dressing them up with story lines!:

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I do think that one is kind of cute.

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A lot of people seem to like to stick them in a jar for decoration:

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That one is not too bad.

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Oh My!:
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People find time for this?:

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Well, if you like them, the projects look pretty easy to make:

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This was kinda cool:

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Do you think I am being to harsh to the Peeps? Do you see something cute about them? Do you decorate with them? Please tell!

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If you need help decorating your home for the Holiday’s, contact me today. :)

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Creative Bedroom Accessory

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

pb pillow

Pottery Barn

Lately, when decorating a bedroom for some of my clients, I have shown them how a simple body pillow can become an impressive decoration to their bed:

It is not an original idea, but I do not see them used very often:

Look how this pillow below made the whole bed into a statement piece:

One reason I love these pillows is because it gives many different options for finishing the bed:




The actual pillows are easy to find online and at stores such as Target and Wal-Mart for only about $10.00 each. It is the body pillow case that is hard to find anywhere. I understand that these pillows are supposed to be used to cuddle and sleep with, but I just want to decorate with them!

Since I could not find any attractive covers to purchase, I bought an (ugly) cover and copied it with some spare fabric I had:


Very easy to sew up the sides and end with a zipper or even ties to close:


These pillow cases above from Pottery Barn have since been discontinued. Since my clients seem to love them so much, I have asked my seamstress to make me a few that I will offer for sale. She can make the nice edging and buttons and other decorative touches that I just can not do. More on that later. Here are just a couple prints we are thinking of using:




Don’t you think they really dress up and finish the bed?  A  very creative statement for the bedroom!

I have also seen these long body pillows on sofas:

But I do not like the look as well on a sofa- I think they are too large and awkward to arrange on a sofa or a chair.

Do you use these body pillows for decoration? Don’t you think it is a great idea to use for layering?

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.

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Do You Use California Paints?

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

bath4California Paints

I recently stopped at a local paint and wallpaper store, Lindsey’s in Conway, NH to familiarize myself with the California Paint Collection. I have always heard great reviews about their paints, especially their Fresh Coat line, especially since it  has been consistently rated the # 1 Exterior House Paint.


One of my favorite things about this company is that they are very consumer friendly with help in choosing accent colors that work well with the main body color:

21812 055

21812 056

California Paints most popular color choices are from their Historical Colors of America for both interiors and exteriors. A few of customer favorites are:


From left to right- Wild Oats, Yarmouth Oyster, Britches, Danish Pine and Plymouth Beige. I really like the larger size paint chips.

Faded Lilac   Alicia B. Designs

Look how pretty this color is below that I want to find a place to use:

Paint from California Paints

Muted Mulberry

To see many different rooms painted in various colors of California Paints, visit their site at californiapaints. It is nice to see new colors and new rooms!

Do you use California Paints? Do you have any favorite colors?

If you need help selecting paint colors for your home, contact me today.

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Inexpensive & Quick Bedroom Makeover

Sunday, March 11th, 2012



It seems to always take me so long to find that perfect comforter for my bedroom. Does anyone else have that problem? I can easily help others find that perfect bedding, but it takes such a long time to find the one for me!


I came across a great set at Target.  The best part was that they were on sale. For a new king size reversible comforter and shams, new sheet set that works beautifully with the set and a king bed skirt only cost $140.00. Pretty good don’t you think? Of course I can not find a picture of my new comforter online. Target must only sell this pattern in stores. But here it is in my room:


Here is my bedroom before:


And with a new Springmaid makeover:



target1Now the fun part- accessories shopping!

Not bad for an inexpensive, quick bedroom makeover on a Sunday. Don’t you think it looks fresh and happy?


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