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Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

galley cottage kitchen


Do you ever wish you had a larger kitchen? If a complete renovation is not possible right now, how about a few design ideas you can do now to make your kitchen appear larger?


* Get rid of countertop clutter. This simple step will free up visual space to make the room look larger. Baskets and trays don’t only look great, but they work well as organizers and help keep collections together:

google image

countertop with rattan baskets and accessories

Patrick Wade

* A mirrored backsplash. This is an easy DIY project that will make any space seem visually larger:

kitchen mirror

Faye Cone

* Open shelving. Ok, you may have more dusting to do, but look how the open shelves really open up the kitchen:



Martha Stewart

Small Kitchen 8: Vintage Display Shelves


Cann you tell that I love the look of the open shelves??

* Glass front cabinets is another trick to make the room seem lighter and brighter:

white kitchen

* Good lighting. Many older homes do not have overhead kitchen lighting. It might be an investment to have lighting put into your kitchen, but image how nice the brightness will always welcome you. Maybe better lighting will help you cook better too! :)


* Light walls, floors and cabinetry. A white or light neutral color throughout the kitchen is a certain way to visually lighten and brighten your kitchen and give the image of an open space:

Small Kitchen 1: Vintage Charm




I hope you have gotten a few good tips and ideas to make your kitchen appear larger than it is. Just because it is small, doesn’t mean it can not look fabulous! Pictures do not lie, right?

Any other tips or tricks you might want to share on making a kitchen not look as tiny? Comments?

If you need decorating help in your home, contact me today.

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Moving Into Your First Home

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012


This past weekend, my daughter moved into her first home. I thought I would share some of my favorite advice with her, and any of you that have moved recently, are planning to move, or making any updates to your home. Enjoy!

* Do not expect to be unpacked and ‘House Beautiful’ in a few days. Making a home yours takes time!

google image

* Do not run out and buy ‘stuff’ just to fill your rooms. That is a big waste of money and you might end up purchasing items that you will tire of quickly.



* Spend money wisely on large furnishings. For example, purchase the best made sofa you can afford so that it will last you for years.

* Stay away from buying ‘trend’ furniture. It is sure to go out of style quickly. Instead purchase smaller accessories in trend colors that can easily be replaced.

* Your large furnishings, i.e sofa, should be a neutral color that will not go out of style. Color comes in later with chairs, pillows and accessories.


* Paint is an inexpensive way to update and refresh a room without having to change anything else. Paint offers the best choice for a makeover that’s high on style and low on cost.

Pinned Image


* Mirrors are a girl and decorator’s best friend!

Pinned Image


* Look for chairs and tables that can you could easily repaint into something you love.



* Console tables are a great buy! These tables look great and can be used in many different ways.

Pinned Image


* Buy large art you love instead of odd, small shapes that will get lost up on the wall.

Pinned Image


* Make sure every room has something in it that makes you smile when you walk in.



* You will have problems with a new home! That is just a small price you will pay to own a home.

* Remember that it is a work in progress. Be sure to enjoy yourself in your new home meanwhile with friends and family!

Pinned Image

House of Turquoise

Any other suggestions my friends?

If you need help decorating your new home, contact me today!

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Before & After

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012


My husband’s nephew Jonathan and his wife Megan recently built an addition on their existing home. They gained three bedrooms, a big new kitchen, dining room, playroom and living room. They are a young couple with a little 3 year old sweetheart named Kailey and her ten month old little brother Cameron. Meg and I were talking at a recent family gathering and I told her that I would love to help her pick colors for her new home!

The above picture is their new den/family room. Below is the before picture:


One reason I love the color Ben Moore Fernwood Green is because it works well with so many other colors. I knew the color would be great for a young family that will be growing and will always give them the flexibility to change any item throughout the room.

In the photo below, I wanted to demonstrate how a color will always lighten when painted up on the wall. See how much darker the sample is against the wall?:


It is also a beautiful color for a room with a lot of light. Below is a picture of the kitchen before:


Meg had a sample of her countertop when we choose colors so we used that to help select a color for the walls. Here is the kitchen below that was painted Shaker Beige:


Do you see the red wall? Here it is before painting:


And here it is with some personality!:


Meg wanted a fun color that would ‘pop’ so your eye would be drawn forward from the kitchen into the next room. I think the BM Caliente AF-290 did the trick and worked beautifully. Don’t you love her mirror art? Looks great!

Here is the master bedroom before:


And after painted BM Wyeth Blue:


Below is a picture of Cameron’s room before:


And after. I love this color! Philipsburg Blue HC-159. They love it too!:


This picture came out a little fuzzy below, but I wanted to show you how well it works with the Fernwood Green (color brought up the stairs):


Meg and Jon plan to use this room as an office someday. Did you notice how the color looks different in the different lighting?

I saved the best for last. Here is a picture of the Princess Kailey’s room before:


Below is Kailey’s room after painting with Ben Moore Angelina 1376:


The color in the photo looks pinker than the actual color sample.


Look how pretty it looks where her mom put the stencils on her headboard. And here is the beautiful princess resting for just a quick minute:


She would not let me take picture of her unless she was jumping on the bed! So I did get quite a few motion shots. And here is sweet, little Cameron:


I really had a fun visit with the family when I came to take pictures. Jon and Meg are so pleased with their new home and the new colors which really makes me happy. Kailey was sad when I had to leave, but look at the picture she made for me!:


I hope you enjoyed the tour! What do you think of our color choices?

If you need help selecting colors for your home, contact me today.

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From Trash To Treasure

Sunday, June 17th, 2012


Remember that old wicker chair I found by the side of the road?:


It was on my list of summer projects I wanted to tackle this year. I found this great fabric at Joanne Fabrics on sale:


I wanted to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because I have had such beautiful results with other projects, here and here. I loved both the ASCP in Napoleonic Blue and Barcelona Orange with the fabric:


Both colors would have worked well but I really thought the orange would make a great statement piece. I wiped the chair down and started to paint with a brush. About halfway through painting, I decided painting wicker with a paintbrush was not such a great idea. I used three different size brushes and still could not get into all the crevices. Plus, the wicker was soaking up so much paint, I thought I would run out of the quart size paint!


I gave the chair two coats of paint and let dry. The paint dried to a flat finish:


I thought it would look better with a shinier gloss finish, so I rubbed on a coat of the ASCP clear wax. After drying, I buffed the wax and look how pretty it came out:


The old seat just lifted out and it was easy to take off the old fabric:


I used the old fabric as a pattern to cut the new fabric out:


I stapled the fabric to the seat and put in place and I was finished!:


I am very happy with the way it turned out. Especially happy it was a free chair! I love the color even more with the sun shining on it. I think it will make a great addition to my NH home porch. One project down!

Do you like the orange? Or do you feel safer painting furniture white or a neutral color?  I took a chance with this piece because it was free and I felt ok with experimenting a little more. I am glad I did!

If you need help with color in your home, contact me today!


Linking up this weekend with Amanda at Serenity Now!

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