Antibes Mirror Makeover

Written by Kelly on May 27th, 2012

astilbes 051 

The first time I saw the color  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color Antibes Green, I immediately knew I wanted to use it somehow, somewhere:


work by Annie Sloan photo credit Christopher Drake

Isn’t the green beautiful? I knew I wanted to paint it on something! When I saw this boring old mirror in my bedroom, I knew I had found my willing subject!:

astilbes 005

This mirror is probably over ten years old that I had picked up from Bombay. I loved the size, shape and color but it is really heavy! My hubby said he will not hang it. :(  I could only find somewhere to lean it.

astilbes 001

It just sat it up there on my dresser because I did not want to just get rid of it because it looked outdated. It just needed a little love and paint. So Antibes project here we go!

astilbes 008

My wonderful friend Nancy at Sea Rose Cottage had supplied me with a sample jar to try and I knew it would be plenty enough to give two coats of paint to the mirror. First I wiped everything on the mirror down and then painted it with a quick coat:

astilbes 013

One of the things I loved about the mirror when I bought it, was all the different grooves and designs etched into it:

astilbes 011

So after painting, I sanded off some of the paint in areas so the detail of the etchings were more visible. I sanded it a bit with a piece of fine sandpaper until I liked the look:

astilbes 033 

After sanding, I wiped it down with a wet rag and after it was dry, I painted on another coat, then sanded again when dry. The sanding really put the personality into the piece:

astilbes 045 

Now it was time to wax. I have learned when using the dark wax, you only need a tiny drop of dark wax mixed with the clear wax:

astilbes 042

You could always add more dark wax if needed. After I finished waxing with my mix, I took just a small dab of the dark wax and wiped it on here and there for darker highlights. Wait to dry a few hours, then it is ready to buff! I just used an old t-shirt and shined it up.

astilbes 043


astilbes 056 


What do you think? It actually looks slightly darker than the photo shows. I love painting projects. Especially when they do not cost anything! Have you painted anything interesting lately?

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Look what I saw when I was driving down the road in NH:

astilbes 024

“Hello, is anyone home?”

astilbes 027

Unbelievable! Glad I was sitting in the car! I don’t know if the people were home or not. It just walked off into the woods after that. I hope those people are not feeding  it! Did you notice the yellow sign in the first picture? It says ‘Bear Crossing.’

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  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks MelissaJane! It is such a pretty color. At first it was a little bright, but with sanding and the darker wax it brought it down to just where I loved it. Give it a try!

  2. MelissaJane says:

    I love that color – Antibes looks different in every picture of it that I see, and I’m dying to try it myself. Looks great!

  3. Kelly, love the mirror makeover! It came out beautiful and looks great on the dresser. Thanks for the mention!

  4. can’t believe you got photos of that bear – crazy! love,love the green mirror :)

  5. Kelly says:

    I want a farmhouse table too Sheila! Love them. I had a beautiful old table and when we moved out of our vacation condo I did not take it! Crazy!!!

  6. Kelly says:

    Mine is too heavy to hang too Susan! That’s ok- I love to lean big mirrors!

  7. Kelly says:

    Bring it on girlfriend! hahaha

  8. Linda says:

    Love the transformation with the green. Funny thing is, I have almost that EXACT same mirror. Instead of a “bake off” I think we need to have a “paint off”…..OMG and that BEAR!

  9. Great job on the mirror!! I love quick projects that turn out so well. Sad to say my orange mirror is still sitting on the hall floor waiting to be hung : (

  10. Kelly, your mirror is gorgeous! Green is one of my favorite colours, and Annie’s green is so pretty. Thank you for the tip on mixing a dab of dark wax with light wax – I didn’t know about that. My hubs built a farmhouse table that I’m going to refinish, and this just might be the ticket to the look I’m hoping to achieve… my latest painting project was terracotta pots for outside. It was a fun project, because I wasn’t over invested in the outcome, I just wanted to squeeze another year out of the pots!!!

  11. I have been playing around with a homemade chalk paint formula I found on the web. I’m liking the results but haven’t tried waxing any of my projects yet.

    I think your mirror has a lot more “oomph” with the paint :-)

    Holy moly! That bear does look like he’s been there before. Maybe it was his lunch time..LOL!

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