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Aren’t Trey Ceilings Grand?

Saturday, October 19th, 2013



I have not worked with many trey ceilings in the past until recently. This week alone I had two colors consultations with trey ceilinged rooms. One was in a new contemporary home:

catherine bedroom

And just today I started working on this dining room trey ceiling below:

allison trey

I have never had a trey ceiling,  but I really love the drama of the architecture:



Depending on your preference, there are so many different ways to paint this area:





Some homeowners like a lighter trey ceiling:



Which are beautiful, but the trend now seems to be a darker ceiling at the top:



Love, love, love this room:



Another option is to paint the trey ceiling the same color as the walls:





Which is your favorite way to paint the trey? I have to say that I really like the darker color. Look at this beauty:



Wow! Don’t you think trey ceilings can be dramatic and grand?

Linking up at Serenity Now Blog here. Great ideas- check it out!

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Agree Or Disagree?

Sunday, October 13th, 2013


One of the best pieces of decorating advice I have always tried to follow, is that when you think your decorated room is finished, take a step back and snap a picture:


When you look at the photo, does the room still look finished to you? Does anything need to be added? Or taken away? Let’s take this bedroom picture above for an example. I think it is very pretty, but did you notice an idea that might make this bedroom look even better?


I think a long scarf or piece of fabric at the bottom of the bed would look perfect here to balance the top and bottom of the bed.. I experimented with a piece from another bed:


I think it looks much better! (It does need to be a bit wider though than the example piece.) I have always loved using that bottom piece on the bed. Does anyone know what it is called??  I think using the same fabric as the pillow and window treatments will be the perfect finishing touch for the room:


Agree or Disagree?

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Gray and White Bedroom Design

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Liz gray & white comforter


I just finished a recent bedroom consultation and if I may say, I think it came out fabulous! I love everything we choose. It started with the comforter above. Wall color was next:

cobblestone path

Benjamin Moore Cobblestone Gray 1606

The color you see on the screen does not do this color any justice. It is a beautiful warm, bluish medium gray. It works with the bedding perfectly.

Then time for the fun accessories!:

liz rug2


The rug pattern works well with the bedding. So pretty!

A beautiful pair of lamps:

       liz lamp2     liz lamp2


And always a pretty bedside clock:



Here is the finished design board:

Liz bedroom

What do you think? Thank you for letting me share Liz! xo

If you would like help with your room design, contact me today.

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Serene Bedroom Design

Saturday, August 24th, 2013



I just finished an online design consultation for a bedroom redesign I wanted to share. The homeowners wanted suggestions to design a peaceful and serene bedroom.



I started the design with the headboard that was going to be replaced. After several emails back and forth, Hannah and her husband fell in love with a headboard:

sue headb


I suggested a light, warm gray color for the walls:

EdgecombGray HC173

Benjamin Moore- Edgecomb Gray HC 173

I also suggested white bedding which always look beautiful. I emailed Hannah a few choices of rugs I thought would work with her traditional furniture, the new headboard and wall color. This was the winner!:

sue rug2


And here is part of our finished bedroom design board:

hannah Collage

They love it! I love the soothing, restful palette also. What do you think? Do you think it is a peaceful and serene bedroom design?

For information on my affordable online design service, contact me today.

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