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Costa Rica Was Amazing!

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

I’m back! We did not get home until 3:00 am last night after a 20 hour traveling day. I am exhausted but still feeling happy and excited. I have so many pictures I would love to share, but I am so tired that I am going to break the trip down over the next couple of days. Cost Rica was incredible!!

Before we left last week, I took this picture out of our door:

night snow

This is where I was the next afternoon:

costa rica2

Xandari Resort and Spa is located in the small town of Alajuela, Costa Rica. They used such beautiful colors in all of their rooms:





This was the room we stayed in for 3 nights:


So gorgeous. I wish I could have captured the lights at night in a photo because it was so incredibly beautiful:

zandari room

Mike and I ready to hike:

mike & I

It was so hot and the sun was so strong! Had to wear protective clothing all week to keep from burning. We came across beautiful waterfalls in the middle of the jungle:


me and falls



Look at this bamboo forest we found in the middle of nowhere!:



Then we came across these guys! haha:


Just walking around in the middle of nowhere. It was hilarious.

This is how a lot of their vegetables are grown:


Bamboo planters! What a great idea.

Lots and lots of beautiful flowers:



Come back tomorrow for a peek into the crazy capital of Costa Rica, San José:

herbal plants



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More Visual Decorating Tips

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

print size chart


Everyone seemed to enjoy my post Visual Decorating Tips so I thought I would share a few more visual guides I have come across. Isn’t visual learning so much easier to understand than reading a wordy explanation?

Dining Room Rug Guide


When trying to explain a rug idea to a client, this living room drawing below explains the point perfectly:

Living Room Rug Placement


paint sheeen


Also, I wanted to say goodbye for a couple weeks while I am traveling to Costa Rica! Can’t believe it is finally here. It will be the longest time I have been away from computer, phones, television, etc. I am so excited for the warm weather and the adventures. Animals and creatures everywhere! I will post pictures when I return! Thanks everyone       Kelly

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Visiting Costa Rica

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Goodbye snow and cold!:


For ten days anyway. Next week I am heading to Costa Rica! It is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. We started planning this trip a year ago with another couple. I can’t believe it is only one week away!

costa rica


For the first 3 nights, we are staying in the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose at the Xandari Resort and Spa. We decided luxury would be best :) :




Can’t wait! Then comes the adventurous part. First we take a puddle jumper, (small aircraft), to a boat that will take us to our tree house for the week! We are staying at the Copa De Arbol Beach and Rainforest Resort:



Copa De Arbol Beach and Rainforest Resort is a luxury beachfront  eco-resort set among 70 acres of pristine rainforest reserve. We are located in Southern Pacific Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula, perfectly situated between Drake Bay and the Corcovado National Park in an area known as “Caletas” (small coves). This area of the Osa Peninsula is accessible by boat only and is one of the most remote and untouched places on Costa Rica’s entire Pacific coastline. The luxurious Drake Bay resort sit near the ocean, immersed in the rainforest for an experience you won’t forget.



During your stay, you will be surrounded by the diverse melody of the tropical rainforest and peaceful rhythm of the ocean. White-faced monkeys swing from the trees while toucans and scarlet macaws circle overhead. Endless small coves and beaches, fresh-water lagoons, and miles of hiking trails that wind through the rainforest make this the perfect spot to simply relax  all day or embark on an eco-adventure experience second to none.

Capuchin, Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge, Costa Rica

Keel-billed Toucan, Costa Rica


One of our day trips we are taking is to Corcovado National Park. Established in 1975, the 105,000 acre Corcovado National Park is widely considered the “crown jewel” in Costa Rica’s extensive system of national parks and biological reserves.  With13 different types of ecosystems in such close proximity supporting an abundant and stunning variety of wildlife, it has been named by National Geographic “the most biologically intense place on Earth”, and has been featured in numerous wildlife and nature shows and documentaries. Corcovado containing one of the few remaining virgin, coastal, tropical lowland rain forests in existence, is an unrivaled, species-rich, botanist’s and biologist’s dream, and a keystone for science, education and ecotourism, attracting scientists and researchers from all over the world.



We will be with a guide of course! Hikers may come across include endangered and iconic species such as the Baird’s tapir, jaguar, puma, scarlet macaw, and squirrel monkey, as well as toucans, howler monkeys, two-toed and three-toed sloths, agoutis, giant anteaters, black hawks, spectacled owls, hummingbirds, golden-orb spiders, numerous types of butterflies, coatimundis, spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys, crocodiles, peccaries (wild pigs), 4 species of turtles (green, Ridley, hawksbill and leatherback), snakes, lizards, and insects.  If you’re lucky, and depending on the season, you may even see dolphins and/or humpback whales during the spectacular boat rides along the coastline to and from the park.

Wow! So excited! I can’t wait to share pictures when I get back. Has anyone been to Costa Rica? Any hints or tips? Here is a link if you would like to see more pictures of the resort here and the Corcovado National Park here.


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Twin Guest Beds

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Horray! I am starting a new client project who wants twin beds in her guest room. Why am I so excited? Because I have wanted to help decorate a room with twin beds for a long time! Just look at these examples I have saved: twin1




Aren’t they great? I know these are kid’s rooms, but the color inspiration is wonderful. Although my client’s guest room will be also be used by adults, we do not want to be too serious with the room. Isn’t this pretty?: twin3




Love these rooms! twin6






I can’t stop! Aren’t they wonderful? This is why I have wanted a twin bed project. Oh the possibilities! twin9




Can you see why I love these rooms? Do you have twin beds in your home?

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