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Mixing Silk Flowers With Greenery

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

cherry_thumb.jpg I called my florist yesterday to find out how much it would cost to order a few cherry blossom branches to make an arrangement. She told me that one branch, which comes 6 feet tall, will cost me around $20.00 for each branch. Crazy. Then she gave me a great idea: cherry4 To buy the silk cherry branches from Michael’s and mix in a few long lasting greenery branches to make it look even more authentic.     cherry3.jpg She sold me a few tree ferns and some other pretty greenery for only $2.00. Michael’s silk flowers were on sale for 40% off. I used five branches: cherry blossom You can use all kinds of flowers and be really creative! cherry2 Do you think you will give this a try?

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Helpful Tip For Orchids

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Did you know that when orchids stop blooming and enter a dormant state, many orchid owners make the mistake of thinking their orchid has died and throw the plant away? I admit that I am one that has been throwing them out for years thinking they were dead and done! orchid My plant smart sister–in-law taught me that unlike many common houseplants that remain green and healthy-looking year round, orchids are more like the perennial flowers and bulbs in your outdoor garden. Just like other flowering plants, orchids must rest and replenish their energy between bloom periods. Producing flowers consumes tremendous energy, depleting the resources the plant uses to produce healthy new growth. The large, showy flowers your orchid produces and maintains week after week when your orchid is in full bloom eventually drain the plant of energy. When this occurs, the flowers will fade and fall off the stem. So I took her advice and instead of throwing my plant out this time, I watered once a week as usual and let it go. And look what I found yesterday!: orchid bloom Can’t believe it. It has only been about 3 months and is already blooming again! So don’t be tossing your orchids out after blooming. It is not dead! Here is the proof they will bloom again: orchid2 So pretty and three other buds ready to open! I just love flowers, don’t you? Have a great weekend everyone!

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Costa Rican Design Style

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

I took a few great design ideas away from my adventure in Costa Rica. I loved their use of bold colors, especially all of the turquoise:




So pretty!

Our tree house lodging was very nice:

copa bed

Simple and lovely. I really liked the bed coverlet:

copa bed2

I asked the owner if he purchased locally. He laughed and told me he bought them in the US at Ikea! haha I searched online and found similar ones:





Wouldn’t a guest room be beautiful using these coverlets as your starting point?

I also admired the simple flower arrangements in our room:


They use living spider plants, leaving the roots in water instead of dirt:

plant roots

Then just add any cut flower you want. Here they used beautiful Bird of Paradise flowers:


I decided to make one myself. I found a vase and thought I would use nuts on the bottom:



Nuts float. I did not know that. Smile So I used some sea glass I had:

my plant2

my plant3

I just added flowers from another arrangement I had. I bought a spider plant at Lowe’s and separated into pieces:

spider plant

I was able to make a few different arrangements:

white flowers

So pretty and easy and it is updating an indoor plant. The spider leaves are a great filler plant for many arrangements. What do you think of the idea?

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Simple & Beautiful Valentine Arrangements

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Remember when I showed you how to make this popular pumpkin centerpiece here?: pumpkin-centerpiece The secret was using a vase inside of the pumpkin. For these Valentine centerpieces, the trick is using a vase inside a vase: val flowers


valentine flowers


Very simple and beautiful! val flowers2


val flowers4


val flowers5




Here are a couple more ideas for easy Valentine’s Day arrangements: val flowers3


val flowers6


I love using tulips because they are in peak season at Valentine’s Day. If you were to purchase four or five 10-stem bunches of tulips and have them all wrapped together, it would make a huge impact for a fraction of the price of roses. tulips2


Do you treat yourself with flowers around Valentine’s Day? I am so desperate for flowers in the house, I am going tomorrow to buy a armful of tulips!

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