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More Visual Decorating Tips

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

print size chart


Everyone seemed to enjoy my post Visual Decorating Tips so I thought I would share a few more visual guides I have come across. Isn’t visual learning so much easier to understand than reading a wordy explanation?

Dining Room Rug Guide


When trying to explain a rug idea to a client, this living room drawing below explains the point perfectly:

Living Room Rug Placement


paint sheeen


Also, I wanted to say goodbye for a couple weeks while I am traveling to Costa Rica! Can’t believe it is finally here. It will be the longest time I have been away from computer, phones, television, etc. I am so excited for the warm weather and the adventures. Animals and creatures everywhere! I will post pictures when I return! Thanks everyone       Kelly

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Simple & Beautiful Valentine Arrangements

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Remember when I showed you how to make this popular pumpkin centerpiece here?: pumpkin-centerpiece The secret was using a vase inside of the pumpkin. For these Valentine centerpieces, the trick is using a vase inside a vase: val flowers


valentine flowers


Very simple and beautiful! val flowers2


val flowers4


val flowers5




Here are a couple more ideas for easy Valentine’s Day arrangements: val flowers3


val flowers6


I love using tulips because they are in peak season at Valentine’s Day. If you were to purchase four or five 10-stem bunches of tulips and have them all wrapped together, it would make a huge impact for a fraction of the price of roses. tulips2


Do you treat yourself with flowers around Valentine’s Day? I am so desperate for flowers in the house, I am going tomorrow to buy a armful of tulips!

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Visiting Open Houses

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

open house

Do you ever stop and visit a new construction Open House, just to see what it looks like inside? I love to tour new houses and look for different decorating ideas and inspiration. Last week I visited a couple homes in Sarasota, FL.:

Blue Wall

This room is pretty but there is one big color faux pas. Can you see what is not working in the room? I DO like the navy blue wall with the white molding. That is something that can be duplicated in your own home. Very nice!

I thought this was a clever idea to use when staging a closet:



You can really use your imagination using colorful bags with contrasting tissue paper to stage different areas in the home. (Although the shirts were distracting to me. What do you think?)

I did notice quite a few of the new construction homes are painted in a grayish beige, greige. This looks like Benjamin Moore Cedar Key.:

show house

Here it was painted in another home:

show house2

Which surprised me actually. I visualized Florida homes with all soft blue walls such as Ben Moore Quiet Moments 1563 or Sherwin Williams Sea Salt SW6204.

I am trying not to be too picky here, but I would not suggest using this color of window treatments in the room above with greige walls, (and ok- they are also too thin!).

I did like the wall art with the two sunbursts together:


At our hotel, I thought this artwork display was really great:

bottle art

Creative idea for a large wall!

bottle art2

I think it is fun visiting Open Houses to peek inside for decorating ideas! How about you?



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Secret to Online Accessory Shopping

Monday, January 5th, 2015

One of my favorite activities is going accessory shopping! I love the hunt of finding the perfect piece in shops, big stores, barn sales and auctions. Art and accessories are the personality of a room:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 vignette 7

Today, it is even easier to shop for special items online. If you have a tabletop or console you are looking to style, there are many online sites where ordering is quick and easy. A few of my favorites are Overstock, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Lamps Plus, Pier1, Ballard Design Joss & Main and Craig’s List.

If you are shopping online for accessories, the secret is to plan ahead what items you will need. Plan it out on paper or in your head what will go on this side of the table, what will be on the other side? Should I use a lamp or maybe two? What size is best to hang a picture or mirror behind? What material and size of bowl will look best?

Kelly Bernier 5 14 vignette 5

I recently helped a client shop online for her mantel. She wanted a whole new look. I first sent her ideas to shop(look) around her home to see what we could use. Then instead of her running all around picking up items, I made a plan on paper and then sent her ideas and photos online and product information. Look how nice it came out:



marsha mantel

I am now working with someone helping find a centerpiece for his kitchen table:

jeff after6

First thing I thought would look nice is a small tray in the center of the table holding a couple items:


Another idea could be a few pretty glass pieces:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 detail 5

Also, planning what you actually can fit and use in the space is important in online shopping so you do not have the hassle of returns.

Hope this helps next time you are looking to dress up your tables!

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