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Saturday, July 19th, 2014


Another reason I love summer is because I am able to find time to do those things I enjoy most. Such as taking photography classes.



I picked up a tip in class this week that I never knew and thought I would share with you because it is smart and useful.

You know how you usually delete your photos on your camera with the little ‘delete’ trash can button? It asks if you want to delete this photo or all photos?



Well, that is how I have always deleted my photos from my memory card. But I found out in class, that every time you delete your images this way, it is corrupting and damaging your memory card and will eventually render your card useless.

The correct way to delete your photos that will not damage your card is to go to your camera’s menu, then setup and then choose Format Card. It will ask if you want all images deleted, select yes/ format.




Formatting permanently deletes all the data on the memory card. The deleted files can not be recovered so be sure to transfer important pictures to your computer!

I hope you have learned a little something new about your camera. Another photography tip I have found so helpful is to find, or order online, a User Manual for your camera. I have been reading page by page while playing with my camera and I have learned so much.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! Be sure to take time to do those things you love. Time goes by too fast.

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Photos To Share!

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

Kelly Bernier 5 14 bedroom 4

Kelly Bernier Designs

I am happy to announce that I now have professional photographs of my work!

Kelly Bernier 5 14 detail 3

Kelly Bernier Designs

Kelly Bernier 5 14 vignette 7

Kelly Bernier Designs

Thanks to the talented Eric Roth, who visited here and took gorgeous photographs:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 detail 1

Kelly Bernier Designs

Kelly Bernier 5 14 flowers 4

I am beyond thrilled to be able to show my work so beautifully:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 vignette 4

Kelly Bernier Designs

I could not wait to share with you all!

Kelly Bernier 5 14 portrait 1

The overall goal now of course is to be booked up with even more color and design appointments, doing what I love best!

Kelly Bernier 5 14 kitchen

Kelly Bernier Designs

What do you think my friends? Didn’t Eric do a great job?

If you need help with color or decorating your home, contact me today.

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Eric Roth Is In The House!

Saturday, May 10th, 2014


It was my extreme honor and pleasure to meet and work with one of the top photographers in the country, Eric Roth. I have always been a big fan of his beautiful work:

eric roth

Eric Roth

Although Eric’s home base is near Boston, he travels often taking photographs for such design magazines as House Beautiful, New England Home, Traditional Home and Elle Décor.

eric roth2

Eric Roth

It was a beautiful, sunny day in the mountains when Eric came to my home in New Hampshire last week. He came to take photographs of my design work for my portfolio. I want professional photos for a couple projects I am working on as well as having a physical book of my work that I can show potential clients.


He took interior photos and well as exterior shots, upstairs, downstairs and all my little vignettes he loved! Eric was kind enough to let me follow him all around asking him a million questions:

eric roth4

I was a little nervous taking photos of the great photographer! Watch for Eric’s latest project in the new June issue of House Beautiful with photos for ‘The Bath Of The Month’!

eric roth3

Dreams do come true! Eric Roth was in the house! I can’t wait to show you the photographs in a couple weeks!


I hope you all, (especially moms) have a wonderful Mother’s Day! You deserve it!

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Learning Photography 101

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

pink petals


If you are like me, you often wish you were able to take better photographs:



I have always loved taking pictures and now living in New Hampshire has given me an even more of a passion to take beautiful photos and share:



I also have always wanted to learn how to take great interior photos also:

eric roth

Eric Roth

Such talent! I do not have a fancy camera, it is a step between point and shoot and a DSRL camera. I just want to learn the basics so my photos will look better now and then consider moving up in cameras. I have tried to learn through books and online but it seems to get so complicated quickly when talking about f stops and exposure compensation! So I took an introduction to photography four week course and I thought I would share a few basic but great tips I learned:

Tip # 1:

Find your camera’s manual and read through it. I had lost mine, but was able to order a manual online. By reading through the book and playing with my camera,  I found so many features that I never even knew about. Such as settings for taking pictures of fireworks, close-ups, sports, etc.


This basic step is very important if you want to learn what your camera can actually do!

Tip # 2

Lighting is very important in taking photos which we all know. But did you know where the lighting is coming from is equally as important? For example, when you are taking a picture with the light in front of the subject, it can be rather boring. But if you have the light coming in from the side or even the back of the subject, it will be a much more interesting and dramatic photograph with the shadows and moodiness.


Tip # 3

A simple tip is to plan your shot before you take it. Is there something interesting in your view that you can include in your shot to make the picture more interesting? Something that helps tell the story of the picture?


That planning of the shot is called composition.

Tip # 4

When you are taking a picture of a landscape, you should focus your shot 1/3 of the way in.


I am not sure why that works but I am giving it a try!

Tip # 5

A great website to check out the best camera reviews and allows you to compare different types of cameras is I used to wonder where to check out honest consumer reviews. Another great site to look at if you are having a hard time with Photoshop because it is so technical, is Light Room. It is a fast and easy program that allows you to fix your pictures, period.

I know this basic, but that was the idea for this post as the title stated. I hope you have learned at least one tip that might help you take better pictures. As I continue to learn more, I will share it with you also. Good luck!

Do you wish you could take better photos of family and friends, interiors, animals or landscapes? Have you ever taken a class? Any other basic tips you would like to share?

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