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Fun Idea For Unused Birdbath

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

I was at the garden center yesterday and I thought this was such a wonderful idea:


Love it! Such a imaginative idea for a birdbath that is not being used:


I showed you the Fairy Garden I was impressed with the other day at Art In Bloom:


Which I really liked, but the tiny garden within a birdbath- LOVE! What a great project to do with the kids also. Just find an old birdbath that you are not using because of leaking, etc.





Another great use for a birdbath is as a planter:





A Birdbath! So beautiful for the yard. The height of the birdbath just brings it up a notch. Think of all the vignettes you can make in your garden with plants layered at different levels:



What do you think of the idea of using a birdbath for a garden? I have been inspired. I am going bargain hunting this weekend to find an old birdbath to make my own little garden. If it comes out nice, I will share. :)

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend everyone! Have fun and be safe.

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Agree Or Disagree?

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

brown mulch


One of the best pieces of advice I ever received about landscaping was to use the natural colors of the earth for mulch so that it will blend in with the landscape and highlight the plants. Wood mulch is used to conserve soil moisture, moderate soil temperature and suppress weed growth:


I also think that wood mulch should look both natural and blend in with the landscaping. But I notice quite a few homeowner’s choose red mulch for their landscaping:

red chips

Which is fine if you are looking for that contrast between the flowers and mulch:

red chips2

Don’t you think that the red seems to dominate over the natural colors of the garden and lawn?

red chips3

There are quite a few colors of wood chips to choose from:

wood mulch


I would suggest trying one of the light or dark browns to work with the natural colors in your landscaping. I think the look is more pleasing and works well with Mother Nature.

Agree Or Disagree?

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Exterior Design

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

 Pinned Image


Would you like to know another of my favorite passions besides interior design? That would be landscape design!

 Pinned Image


I actually think a lot of us that love interior decorating, also love working outside in our gardens. Do you agree?



I wanted to share a few hints and tips that I have learned along the way that has helped me with my gardens and exterior designs:

* Use the same design principles outdoors as you would inside. Create a natural setting by planting in groups of 3, 5 or 7 plants, trees or shrubs. Planting one here and there does not make any impact visually.

 Pinned Image


* Be sure to plan your outdoor area’s function. How will the space be used? For a child’s play area? To grow vegetables? A place to sit and rest? Or maybe outdoor entertaining? Design an area with purpose.

 Pinned Image


* When planning an outdoor flower area, use your color knowledge. Do you want a soothing toned garden? Then plant a monochromatic scheme with the flowers all the same color such as white. If you like a jazzier garden, use contrasting colors such as blue and orange together.

 Pinned Image


* Texture is also important in outdoor design. Mix smooth, rough, soft, prickly, glossy and fuzzy. Foliage, flowers, bark and hardscaping materials all have texture.

 Pinned Image


* Use a specimen plant in your landscape as a focal point. Accent with low shrubs or groundcover.

 Pinned Image


* Line your container pots with sponges to save water. Use a unused, large sponge in the bottom of your container to help maintain soil moisture.



* Architecture. Repeat your home’s architecture in the garden. Repeat motifs, shapes, colors, patterns and building materials. You can bring architecture to the garden through patios, arbors, gazebos, fences and more.

Pinned Image


* Be sure to show your unique style and personality in your gardens! Sculptures, architectural antiques, old-fashioned flowers or pink flamingos. Let people know that this is your garden!

Pinned Image


I hope you have learned something new. Do you love to garden too??

Here are a few pictures of my garden that is a work in progress:

garden 013

garden 015

Look at the sky right after a rainstorm today:

garden 025

If you need help decorating your space, contact me today.

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Summer Bouquets From Your Garden

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Do you take the time to bring your flowers from your garden indoors to enjoy?  The above arrangement was made with hosta leaves, sweet peas, lilies, Queen Anne’s Lace, blue anise and an orange gerbera daisy.     joenesgarden.com

You can make simple and sweet arrangements:


When time is limited, one of the easiest summer table arrangements can be created by five hosta leaves and three large hydrangea blossoms as in the photo here.  Use a short vase.  Cut the hosta stems so the base of the leaves sit on the rim of the vase. Place the hostas in the vase so they edge the entire rim – the stems will criss-cross in the vase.  Cut the hydrangea stems so the lower portion of the blossoms will rest on the hosta leaves.  Ten minutes, tops, gives you a simple, beautiful, and dramatic display.*

hydrangea bouquet 7-09

* joenesgarden.com

Another good tip is that you can also create simple, beautiful flower arrangements with fresh cut flowers from a local farm stand or flower store. Simply use greens cut from your own bushes and perennials as your supporting cast.

Do you cut flowers out of your garden and bring indoors?  Writing this reminds me of how easy it is to do and how much I love walking into a room with fresh flowers!  Comments?

If you need help making your home fresh and comfortable, contact me today!


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