Hale Navy To The Rescue!

Written by Kelly on January 5th, 2013


If you have been following along with me, you know that I am in crazy love with the color navy which I wrote about here, here, and here.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154 is one of my favorite navy paint colors out there. This week I had a little time to play, so I took my can of Hale Navy around the house to see what I could paint! Remember my office I am working on?:

I like the California Paint Appleton painted walls, I just felt they were a bit boring. Hale Navy to the rescue!:


I love it so much more now!

What else could I find to paint? Well, this mirror in the guest room has been bothering me a bit:


I was not in love with the blue I used to paint this mirror over about a year ago. Looks to me like a fun and easy paint project!


Doesn’t the green Frog Tape look so pretty with the blue? (Thanks to Carol over at The Design Pages, I found the perfect paint tape- FrogTape. It works so well masking, that I would not use anything else now.)




I think it is so pretty now!


And one more project I could not resist, my bulletin board:


I masked the edges well with Frog Tape:



Now I have an original bulletin board:



I still have so many projects for my office (flooring, bookshelves), but I already feel happier when I walk in!

Have you had time for any fun little paint projects lately? Love to hear about them!

P.S. If you want a shinier finish on the accessories you paint, you can always rub a little wax, such as Annie Sloan wax, on the surface and then buff to a bright finish.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Just looking for some inspiration for my living room makeover and I’ve certainly found it here. Navy is the way forward!

  2. I love Hale Navy and Van Deusen Blue – been using both in client designs lately. Thanks for the tip about waxing with Annie Sloan!

  3. kim says:

    loving the results! I do like it when I make changes that make me happier.—-color can do this for me, or changes in curtains, pictures, moving furniture etc ;-)

  4. Angie Perry says:

    Kelly, one of my traditional, classic favorite navy combinations of all time is: dark navy and yellow! What do you think?

  5. Julie says:

    I love the paint combination on the walls in your office! Is there a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint color equivalent to Appleton?

  6. Linda says:

    Navy is and always has been one of my favorite colors too.I love your new Navy office wall and mirror. I guess I’ll just have to paint my green bulletin board in MY office so that it matches yours..haha.

  7. That color does work wonderfully in your office, the bulletin board and especially on the large mirror in the guest room. All look so much better with this pretty blue! I might be swayed to the dark side of blue yet. haha ;-)

  8. Kelly says:

    Thank you Nicole! Beautiful job you did! I love Hale Navy.

  9. Nicole says:

    Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for using my room in your blog! I am flattered! I love your room and your blog! I look forward to following along!

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