Costa Rican Design Style

Written by Kelly on March 15th, 2015

I took a few great design ideas away from my adventure in Costa Rica. I loved their use of bold colors, especially all of the turquoise:




So pretty!

Our tree house lodging was very nice:

copa bed

Simple and lovely. I really liked the bed coverlet:

copa bed2

I asked the owner if he purchased locally. He laughed and told me he bought them in the US at Ikea! haha I searched online and found similar ones:





Wouldn’t a guest room be beautiful using these coverlets as your starting point?

I also admired the simple flower arrangements in our room:


They use living spider plants, leaving the roots in water instead of dirt:

plant roots

Then just add any cut flower you want. Here they used beautiful Bird of Paradise flowers:


I decided to make one myself. I found a vase and thought I would use nuts on the bottom:



Nuts float. I did not know that. Smile So I used some sea glass I had:

my plant2

my plant3

I just added flowers from another arrangement I had. I bought a spider plant at Lowe’s and separated into pieces:

spider plant

I was able to make a few different arrangements:

white flowers

So pretty and easy and it is updating an indoor plant. The spider leaves are a great filler plant for many arrangements. What do you think of the idea?

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Creatures, Creatures, Creatures

Written by Kelly on March 12th, 2015

My very favorite part of my time spent in Costa Rica was seeing the animals and other wildlife outdoors in their natural habitat. I love taking pictures and wanted to share a few with you.

One night we took a night tour! We had to wear high rubber boots so nothing could bite us! I was so scared at times but could not get a goofy grin off my face. Here is a few creatures we saw:


Ewwww.. This was a close up of a scorpion.






Look how well camouflaged he is:



I would recommend going- so interesting! Thanks to my brother in law for the great pictures.

Daytime! Here we are on our way to snorkeling:



Spotted Dolphins everywhere! Really amazing. Although,they were busy eating and did not have much to do with us. The water color was gorgeous.

My best day in Costa Rica was the day we visited Corcovado National Park. We left the hotel at 6:30 am on a boat ride to the park.


Above was our guide, Jose. He was so intelligent about biology and everything animals and plants.

A Jesus Lizard:



We saw a few Golden silk orb-weaver spiders:


So creepy! Very dangerous and venomous. They eat snakes and birds! See the little red spider toward the top of web?

That is the male spider. The female is the huge spotted one.

My favorite animal we saw:



These cuties were squirrel monkeys. There were so many of them together in a group we came across.



Do you see the two tails in the right side?


Surprise! I got the mom and baby monkey together! So cute.

Then a bit of action. We saw a herd of Collared Peccary!( Wild boars). They crossed a path we were walking on. The guide said that it was amazing to see so many together at once.


There were big ones, little ones and every size in between! We guessed there had to be about 40 of them.Then one circled us (the really, really big one), to see if we were a threat:


We had to stay so quiet. Our guide told us that if he gave the signal, we were to climb a tree to get away! haha  Not too high, just high enough to be out of reach! It was really exciting!

This park is not a rainforest, it is a humid forest. The vegetation was amazing:


In the forest, the trees have learned at adapt over time to their surroundings also:







We saw a few Spectacled Caiman relaxing on the shore:



A real treat was being so close to a Baird’s Tapir:


This is what the tapir looks like when standing. They say it is a cross between a rhinoceros and a horse!


During the day, these gentle giants like to cool off in the mud:



It was so excellent to see! I could have sat there and watched for hours.

The birds were beautiful. There are over 400 different species:



If you are looking for an adventurous, fun vacation, I would definitely suggest a trip to Drake Bay. Especially to visit Corcovado National Park. One of my best vacations ever. Write if you have any questions about my trip, I would love to help you out. Just email me and I will give you lots of information!



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Copa De Arbol, Costa Rica

Written by Kelly on March 9th, 2015

Restyling Home by Kelly blog has been broken for almost a week. But thanks to my genius friend Joe, I am back in business!

I would like to pick up the story where I left off last week and continue sharing my adventures in Costa Rica.

We have arrived at our destination!


copa sign

Beautiful, beautiful place. We were welcomed to the lobby with coconut drinks and cold washcloths:

copa lobby

The restaurant is on the second floor. Everything is outside. Our dining view:

copa rest

Loved it!

We were not there ten minutes and someone tells us there is a sloth in a tree right by our tree house!:



See the little baby on Mom’s back?

Our room for the week:

copa room


Our pool mascot, the Jesus lizard:





Look at the views we had on a hike around hotel:

copa hike




copa water


copa hike2

A coral snake! (They are deadly, but this one was busy eating a black snake!):

copa hike 4


I forget their name but these birds were so pretty:

copa bird


One more day of pictures and stories tomorrow! I have to tell you about the dolphins and the hike through

Corcovado National Park. We saw a herd of Collared Peccary!




Very cool, stayed tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

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On To Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Written by Kelly on March 3rd, 2015

san jose plane

Why was I hanging on for dear life during the plane ride to Drake Bay? This was our aircraft:

drake aircraft

I call it a puddle jumper. Very small and noisy. Not my favorite form of transportation, but the only way to get to where we were going to the coast. I did get some great pictures from the window!:


All roofs are metal in Costa Rica because of the rainy season.


I find it hard to believe Costa Rica is only the size of West Virginia. Seems so vast to me.


Then miles and miles of beautiful coastline:




Gorgeous colors. Finally, (really only 45 minutes) we land! Baggage check out is easy.


Funny story- When we first arrived, I was so excited to take pictures. Someone said, “Look at the red parrots up in the tree!” So I start shooting away. Well, I should have worn my glasses because look what I took a picture of:


haha No parrots to be found. Our next mode of transportation was a boat ride down the river:

river ride

It was a lot of fun and we saw some great wildlife:

river ride2

river ride3

river ride4

river ride5

Can you see the macaw up in the tree? We saw a lot at the resort. They are SO loud you can hear them coming. They always travel in twos.

river ride6

These guys were hard to take pictures of. In Costa Rica, there are three types of monkeys. Howler monkeys, squirrel moneys and the white faced monkeys. These are squirrel monkeys. I will have plenty of stories about the monkeys later.

river ride7

Then the river turned into the ocean:


Isn’t the water color so pretty? Such a beautiful turquoise color.

After an hour boat ride down the river, we arrived at our resort, Copa De Arbol.


See the tree house over on the left front? That was our tree house for the week!

I am going to have to pick this up tomorrow. Getting late and I have used so many pictures! Thanks for joining me on my excellent vacation adventure!

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