Wall Paper Love

Written by Kelly on November 12th, 2014

I can not believe how much I am loving wallpaper again:



prussian blue


I find myself visiting Cole & Son and Graham & Brown often, looking at the beautiful patterns and colors and wondering where could I hang wallpaper in my home:





I went on the Graham & Brown site yesterday and learned that for the first time ever, a wallpaper was chosen as Wallpaper of the Year for 2015, Northern Rose:

northern rose


“Northern Rose was chosen from our design archive, the beautifully painted fresh design in vibrant pink and explosive blue with lush embellishments was picked as it represents the optimism that is spreading across the country as a whole, whilst retaining a certain British, vintage charm.” The company is based in London.



I absolutely love it! I don’t know if it is the blue and pink colors or pattern, but I really want to use this somewhere. How about a car:



Cute! I think it would look great in a bath or powder room. Happy and colorful! Or an entry would look fabulous, don’t you think?

Have you used wallpaper lately? It is easier to install these days and there are gorgeous colors and patterns to choose from. Important question: Does anyone know if it is easier to remove the new wallpaper today than in the old days? Does anyone remember that job?!

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Ceiling Paint Tip For Small Rooms

Written by Kelly on November 9th, 2014



I recently worked with a home owner choosing paint colors for her guest powder room. Since we were working with a  lighter color, one suggestion I made was to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls:



I have found painting the ceilings in small spaces such as bathrooms, powder rooms and small spaces the same color as the walls, the line will blur where the wall and ceiling meets and avoid cutting up the space.

painted closet


Depending on the colors you choose, this can serve to make the space larger or smaller. For example, light ceilings and walls make a space feel open and airy, while a dark or rich color on ceilings and walls brings everything in and make it cozy.



This design tip really works. It doesn’t make the ceiling seem higher,  it’s just the way the whole color envelops you, rather than being broken up visually. It makes the boundaries of the room disappear.

at bath


This is especially true where there is no molding around the ceiling.





What do you think? Have you tried this idea in your home?

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Stained Deck Project Before & After

Written by Kelly on November 4th, 2014


I just love when my online clients send me after photos to share. Thank you Marsha! I have worked with Marsha on many paint and decorating projects, interior and exterior, in her home the last couple of years. We did a project last year where I helped Marsha choose a new paint color for her front door and accessories for a beautiful new entry:

marsha door

Her latest project was fixing up the back and transforming the deck. She asked if I would help choose a stain color that would work well with the siding:

marsha deck

At first, she asked for a brown color suggestion that you typically see on decks. But I told her I would try a paint color with a little more personality. I had given her a few sample colors to try and Martha and her husband decided Benjamin Moore Sparrow AF-720 was the winner! I also suggested using the Sparrow for the door and windows to bring it all together.

Here is the after:

marsha deck2

So pretty! Amazing transformation. Here was the deck in the beginning:



marsha deck4

And the completed deck project:

marsha deck5

What a huge difference! The deck looks more updated and the space they have now is amazing! Don’t you think they did a great job? Love it!


Update: Connie asked about the stain and Marsha wrote this:

“I just read your blog. You did a wonderful presentation of our deck re-do! We are very happy with the paint color choice. You were spot on when you suggested the Sparrow. The Benjamin Moore product that we used is called:
ARBORCOAT Solid Deck and Siding Stain (640)

It is available in any BM color.

If you need help selecting paint colors for your home, contact me today.

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Searching For A Color Name

Written by Kelly on November 1st, 2014

A reader recently wrote and asked if I could help her track down the name of a Benjamin Moore paint color. She had seen a 2012 Pottery Barn color chart in my blog here:

pb 2012

She is looking for the color name of the blue that is in the second row, seventh from left. I usually save all of my color charts, but unfortunately, I moved last year and had to get rid of a lot of my paperwork. I even checked with my Ben Moore rep, but she could not find the old chart either.

So I am reaching out and asking you my readers if you have an old chart of Pottery Barn’s Fall/Winter 2012 colors? Could you please write and let us know what the color is? I can make an educated guess, but it is important she get the actual color name.

Can you help out? I really appreciate and so does Gretchen!

Have a great weekend everyone!

If you need help selecting paint colors for your home, contact me today.

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