Painting With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Written by Kelly on October 4th, 2011

 I told you here about my Annie Sloan paint visit last week. Well, I could not wait to find something to paint as soon as I got home!


I purchased the French Linen paint color. I had this old table that my son had used as a Lego platform years ago(never, never get rid of a console table! Such a versatile piece of furniture, read here):



Following the directions, I did not prep or prime the table at all. I just wiped the table clean with a rag because it had been sitting in the basement for a long time.


The first step was painting. I used a brush but Nancy did mention that she has heard others using a roller to apply quickly to large pieces of furniture. I used regular brush strokes on the legs and drawers and on the flat top surface I painted in a criss-cross pattern to avoid brush marks and so that the paint would better soak into the wood.


First coat finished. Look at how well the wood was covered:


Do you see my helper, Syd?


Always there to keep me company- and she never complains about anything! ;)

Below is the table where I am painting on the second coat. The paint provides really great coverage. The color looks lighter when painting, and then dries to a darker color. I waited about one hour between coats until the paint felt dry to the touch:


After second coat of paint:


Two coats of paint were sufficient to cover the table. Time to put on the wax!


Applying the wax was very easy. I waited another hour and then rubbed on a second coat of clear wax (images are showing the wood darker than it actually is):


Then I had to call Nancy again with another question! I did not want to mess up my first piece! I wanted to be sure about the time you are supposed to wait before buffing to a shine. She told me 24 hours if it is not too humid. So now I have to wait!! Another option I could have tried is after allowing the clear wax to dry, I could have rubbed on the dark wax to give it more of an antique look. But I wanted this piece to look more contemporary. But wait! I changed my mind again:


I can explain. I went to check to see if the table was dry enough to buff. Of course it was not ready (I did not wait the 24 hours to dry), and I somehow picked up the dark wax and a rag and decided to just try a little bit on the side to see what it looked like. Well, I could not stop rubbing! I was having fun and I liked the look I was getting from the dark wax:


I am so happy the way it came out. (OK, I might go a little lighter on the dark wax next time). It was a fun and easy (with NO prep) project that I want to try again with another color on something that is not wood. Before:


And After:


What do you think? I hope you will want to give Annie Sloan Chalk Paint a try!

If you need decorating help in your home, contact me today!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Watch our Eileen- very addictive! I love how easy it is with such great results!

  2. Eileen says:

    I just tried my first ASCP last week, and I was pleasantly surprised. this paint really does go a long way and is so nice to work with. I love the way it sands off so nice and smooth too, You’ve got some great pieces here that you re did.

  3. K-Sue says:

    Addictive, isn’t it? I couldn’t stop playing around with the wax. I had wax under my nails for weeks!

  4. Nancy says:

    Great transformation! I love the finished piece and the vignette.

  5. Kelly says:

    I am serious Connie- you would not believe how easy it is and with such great results. Really happy with it! Try it, you’ll like it. :)

  6. Kelly says:

    It really does! I have so many projects I want to do now! Easy and fun.

  7. Ooh, so pretty – I can’t wait to try this paint! So tired of sanding and priming :)

  8. linda says:

    Looks great Kelly. Doesn’t it make you want to paint everything you own?

  9. What a transformation! I’ve been reading about Annie Sloan paint everywhere in blogland. I might give it a try but oooh that cost is a bit pricey. Still it seems it goes a long way so maybe…. :-)

    Of course I have to get people around here to understand that wood can be painted! LOL! If I ever decide whether or not to paint our kitchen table, I might have to give this a try :-)

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