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Making Your Room Feel Cozy and Warm

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Dear Kelly,

Do you have any suggestions to help my living room warm and cozier when the tree goes down?? It is north facing room without a lot of light. It has never had that ‘welcome’ feel to it. Thank you!!!  Jan M.


File Photo

It sure does look like a sad and empty room when the tree and Christmas decorations are down!  Now is actually a great time for you to rearrange the room and give your room a new look for free using what you already own!

Starting with the basics, check out my post: Priority! Questions To Ask Before You Begin Redesign to see what you would like the room used for. Once you know what the primary use of the room is, you can find out answers to more questions about your furnishings in another post: More Questions To Ask Before Your Room Redesign.  Are you thinking of painting the room?  Nothing will update and refresh a room quicker or least inexpensively than a fresh coat of paint.  Since you did not include any pictures, I am wondering what you have now for paint colors?  Does it look dingy to you? It could be the white or neutral you are using.  Read this post from my friend Maria, Clean verses Dirty Colours, (she spells colors wrong- she is from Canada) :) where she explains so well how a color can look ‘dirty’ even if it is white.

      Maria Killam – demonstrating the wrong color to use

That said, maybe now would be a good time to choose a new paint color with a little more depth and richness (a non-white) that would make the space much cozier and warm.  You should just go for it!  One room. Look at the below picture to see a perfect example of a room painted a warm, rich paint color:


Maria Killam Designs

After you have painted (if you decide to paint), now is the time to start arranging your furniture.  Start with the sofa, which is typically the largest piece of furniture in the room.  Can you try to bring the furniture away from the walls?  Another new look I love is to use a console table behind the sofa.  It gives you another flat surface in the room where you can make a tablescape which is what makes the room have some personality!  I explained how versatile console tables are in my post:   Beautiful & Functional Tables .

Amanda Nisbet

Amanda Nisbet

After you figure out where the largest piece is going, the rest will fall into place. Put chairs across from each other, facing the sofa with small tables next to if room allows.  One item I would suggest is to purchase yourself, if you do not already have, is an area rug.  An area rug is what anchors the sofa and other furnishings together.  I love rugs with bold colors and patterns that complement, but not necessarily match, your wall color.  This is a great place to pull your accent colors from.  Another decorating 101 rule of thumb, is that your accent color in the room should be seen in three main accessories.  So if you pull a color from the rug, say raspberry, then you should use raspberry in two other areas such as pillows and vases.

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler

See how Jonathan incorporated teal throughout the room?  Isn’t his work gorgeous?  I could look through his rooms all day.

So  are you ready for a change?  This is a great time because everything is in the room is out of order.  Plus, this is a good time of year to work inside the house and don’t forget about the January White Sales!

I hope this helped give you a few ideas Jan!  Good luck and let me know if you have other decorating questions!


If you need help making your home feel cozy and warm, call me today!

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