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What does Real Estate Resale Ready™ Mean?

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Resale Ready™ is a helpful tool geared toward the homeowner who is putting their home on the market for resale, or thinking of selling in the near future.


 As we all know, the buyers are in the control seat at this point of time. There are many, many choices on the market right now.  Resale Ready™ through the IRN (Interior Redecorator Network)  is staging, but without the expensive props or rentals.  It’s simply using what you already have.  You want your home to stand out and look better than any other home on the market to help you sell your home quickly and add thousands of dollars to the value of your house or condo.


In this difficult market, creating an inviting, clutter-free home is critical for selling your home quickly and for making the most profit.  The Resale Ready™ Home Staging consultation is very important as first impressions matter immensely.  The consultation of your home will give you ideas, suggestions and expert advice on how to make your home shows well and highlight the areas of your house that will appeal to potential buyers.


You want home buyers to walk in your home and say “This is perfect.”  Most people are visual; they need to actually see the home looking great first hand.  I have found potential buyers have a hard time visualizing how the home will look on their own.  You need to impress them right away.


Kelly Bernier Designs

Kelly Bernier Designs

Imagine showing a buyer the bathroom on the top?  They would run!  Inexpensively and quickly, the owners torn down the wallpaper, hand rails and shower curtain.  The room was planned around the turquoise sink (which was very expensive and beautiful actually).  A neutral paint on the walls and a pretty shower curtain changed the whole look of the room.

Ty Larkins

Ty Larkins

According to USA Today: “… staged homes, on average, sold in half the time that the non-staged homes did.  The sellers with staged homes ended up with 6.3% more than their asking price, on average, while sellers with non-staged homes sold for 1.6% more that the asking price.”

Allison Caccoma

Allison Caccoma

Be sure to look for the trademark,  Real Estate Resale Ready™ .  IRN’s  are trained specifically for helping you quickly and efficiently make your home ready for resale without the high cost of props and rentals.


 Let me help you move your home from the MLS list to the SOLD list in record time!

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Perfect, Neutral Gray

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
Did you know gray is considered to be the perfect neutral color?
Robert Allen Design
Robert Allen Design

Color and design experts have agreed gray has become a comfortable companion in the decorating world that is here to stay.   Gray is considered to be the most neutral of all colors because it plays well with all the other colors. Gray is a quiet color that enjoys being in the background and not competing with other colors.

met home modern_bedroom

Sophisticated shades of gray on the walls and ceiling provide a cool backdrop that contrasts with the artwork.

Mixed with 6% yellow. Mixed with 6% blue.

Most gray tones have a cool or warm cast to them. Yellow, orange, and red create a “warm gray”.  Green, blue, and violet create a “cool gray”.  When there is no cast at all, it is referred to as “neutral gray”, “achromatic gray” or simply “gray”.

warm gray

The above photo is painted  a beige-gray to create an elegant backdrop for the trendy combination of robin’s egg blue and chocolate brown.  This would be an example of a “warm gray.”  Other examples of  warm grays include Ben Moore’s, Greige Avenue 991;  (equal mix of gray and beige), Sag Harbor Gray, HC-95; Waynesboro Taupe,  1544; and Cummulus Gray 1551.

cool grays

                                                       Cool Grays

These grays above are considered “cool” because of their blue undertones.  Colors in this family include Ben Moore’s Smoke, 2122-40;  Misty Gray, 2124-60; November Skies, 2128-50;  and James River Grey, AC-23.

Alessandra Branca

Alessandra Branca

This bedroom is an example of neutral gray.   Think of it as a gray with no undertones, true grays.  They include Boothbay Gray, HC-165; Pelican Gray, 1612;  Seattle Gray, 2130-70 and Coventry Gray, HC-169.

Whichever gray you choose, always be sure to test your paint colors at home.  The colors will not look the same as in the store! It  absolutely is worth the extra time and the $6.00 paint sample to be sure that looks well with your lighting and amount of sunlight you receive.

Meg Braff

Meg Braff

Which type of gray on the walls do you see?  Cool? Warm? Neutral?  Let me know what you think!

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Beautiful Blue and You

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

I posted here earlier this year about Pantone’s color choice for 2010, the color turquoise.


But I have not seen much of the color as yet.  I have seen a lot of blue, which is turquoise  I know,  but more of the mid to deep blues.  From the fashion colors at the Oscars ( fashion is a strong indicator of what the home decor colors will soon be):

Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe


Frieda Pinto John Galliano blue 2009 Oscar dress photo

                             Frieda Pinto

To House Beautiful who has dedicated the whole March 2010 issue on the color blue.(It is the first time HB has ever had an issue dedicated to only one color.)  They have even posted a special guide named ” Our complete guide to blue decor.”

House Beautiful Cover

Blue Seafoam by Benjamin Moore

        Benjamin Moore Riviera Azure.

A color combination that is really hot right now is blue and green.  My first thought was huh??  But look at the photos below and I bet you will change your mind!

Things That Inspire

Designer Lynn Morgan

Designer Lynn Morgan

If you want to see more beautiful pictures of turquoise rooms, visit House of  Turquoise .  Anything related to teal or turquoise, Erin runs a gorgeous blog that solely focuses on turquoise rooms, furnishings and accents.

Are you loving the blue too??  Send me your comments and pictures.

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Balance in the Bedroom

Friday, February 26th, 2010

What do these various styles of  bedrooms all have in common?

      House Beautiful

                                              Susan Ferrier

blue bedroom       Image Source

If you guessed symmetry, you are correct!  We know that the focal point of the bedroom is usually the bed.  I have found the most pleasing look for a bedroom design is having symmetry on both sides of the bed.  You do not necessarily need to have the exact same side tables, but they do need to be of the same height. ( If I am designing a bedroom for a client, I strongly suggest using the same tables.)  The lamps are what I believe is the significant accessory that will give you that balanced, cohesive look.

Look at the pictures of the guest room below.

nh new pics-04 

nh new pics-08

It looks symmetrical, but something is just not right.  So, lets try another lamp.       

nh new pics-09     

 This new lamp on the left has more height and width, more presence.  Also, the new lamp has a beige lampshade which coordinates with the beige in the comforter and with the pictures. (Another future post- coordinating white with white, cream/beige with cream/beige).

07-06-10_BalsamDrive004 Kelly Bernier Designs


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