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Inspiring Holiday Tablescapes

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012



About this time, our attention is starting focus on what will be served on Christmas Day and how we want to lay out the table.



Beautiful china, special linen napkins and of course a simple but elegant centerpiece:





Look how beautiful, simple and creative:





I think the most beautiful table settings are those that use fresh greenery:







This arrangement is pretty, but where will you put the food?:



Some people are so creative:



Sandra Lee never disappoints when making an original table setting:


Do you dress up your table? I do, but when it is time to bring out the food I always remove the centerpiece and replace it with food. The centerpiece is taken off and put aside. I figure for anyone to be able to leave the centerpieces on the table during dinner, they must have a butler serving them on the side!

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.

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Decorating With Boxwood

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012


This past Fall Season was so busy for me, I really did not decorate too much for Autumn or Thanksgiving. The day after a quiet Thanksgiving this year, I was ready to go decorate something! Let the Christmas decorating begin!


Have you ever worked with boxwood when making floral arrangements? I think it is the prettiest green branch out there! I would buy the boxwood decorated Christmas trees more often at the florist’s, but they are very expensive- on average $100.00 per tree. But they are so beautiful!:

I gave instructions here on making your own boxwood,evergreen and pine wreath. It came out beautifully and lasted into January:


This picture below is what inspired me to try filling small containers with boxwood branches:



Isn’t it soooo pretty?

This year I found boxwood branches sold in bunches at Shaw’s Supermarket for only six dollars. So I collected my stuff together and choose my container:



Next fill the bottom of the container with floral oasis soaked for at least an hour in water for fresh flower arranging. Cut the stems to desired height and fill in with branches until you achieve a look you like:


I could decorate it with little balls and ribbon if I choose, but for now I like how it looks:


I found them very easy to make. A tip I found useful was a that good place to start putting the branches in is the middle of the container first:


Then fill around until you achieve the fullness you are happy with:


Simple and beautiful. They will last for a long time into the season if taken care of and watered. Have you worked with boxwood branches this year? Can you make a boxwood decorated tree like you find at the florists? I tried one years ago in a class and I remember it being the ugliest in the class. haha I will have to give it a try again someday.



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Christmas Tablescapes

Friday, December 17th, 2010

I thought you would enjoy a few more inspirational photos of beautifully decorated tables all decked out for the Holidays:


Pier One

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…

Sandra Lee

 A simple gold charger with a pretty plate and an ornament on top.  Very chic!

Guy Fieri

I love the look of short cut flowers in vases.  Very elegant (and easy!)


Paula Deen

Looks like a wild Christmas party over at Country Living:


Country Living

 This tablescape below should be fairly easy to duplicate with your own tableware:


Especially for my daughter Meg:


Who loves those little white donuts!  Look at all of them babe! Yum!!

Isn’t this simple but adorable?


Country Living

 I thought this was so sweet:

Country Living

Country Living

 And one of my very favorite Holiday tables:

    Katrina Giles

Do you dress up your table for the Holidays?  Do you have a picture you would like to share?  I would love to see!!

 If you need help making your home warm, comfortable and happy, contact me today!

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Even More Christmas Tablescape Ideas

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Ok- this is it on Christmas decorating from me- promise (ok maybe)! I just have to share these last easy, quick and affordable ideas with you. I know you want me to share!

Crystal ClearBetter Homes And Gardens

“Nature is the muse for this glowing centerpiece. Fill a glass cloche with clear ornaments (with their caps removed) along with shapely pine cones and evergreen tips. Flip the cloche upside down on a paper plate, place on the table, and remove the paper plate. Surround the cloche with more evergreens for a fresh, fragrant display.”  Better Homes and Gardens

Muse?   Cloche??  I just liked the paper plate idea.

Love this:

Tall centerpiece with liliesBetter Homes and Gardens

“This elegant arrangement is made of  ‘Casablanca’ lilies. Simply strip the leaves off and tie the stems together, pushing the bottoms into florist’s foam. Lilies usually last two weeks from bud to end of bloom, so this decoration will last through New Years!”  BHG.

Look how pretty:

Updated DisplayBetter Homes and Gardens

“Make simple Christmas ornaments the center of attention by arranging them in a square, clear glass vessel wrapped with pretty ribbon. Set the package on a silver tray, then embellish the inside and outside of the display with faux snow and additional baubles.” BHG

Look how simple and elegant this arrangement is:


“Boxwood clippings in a white tea cup become a tiny holiday tree. Fill the cup with oasis foam and stud with green clippings. Use a hot glue gun to attach silver dragees from your cake-decorating stash. Add sparkle to natural cones and acorns with a light spray of silver paint.”  

Country Living

OK, that’s it from me on Christmas decorating!  I have a really, really big story I am working on about a new product in the design world that is going to amaze and daze you!  Stay tuned!

If you need help making your home comfortable and happy, contact me today!

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