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Christmas Table Centerpiece

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Since I am busy moving this week, I thought I would revise a Christmas centerpiece I made and posted a couple years ago. It was easy and fun to make. The best was that it lasted for such a long time, well into January. I hope you enjoy and want to make one for yourself:

I was so inspired and excited to make my own centerpiece after I saw one made at my IRN Boston Conference. I am not a real crafty person but I love the look so much I thought I would try one on my own to share with you.  Here goes:

Kellywreath       Me at florist

Supplies: An Oasis Wreath with a ring underneath to hold water. You can buy wreath on line here or I bought mine at a local flower shop for $12.00. Nurseries are another place to check.  I tried Michael’s and other craft stores but they do not carry them.  Hmm… I was surprised about that.

10½" OASIS® Design Ring - carton of 10

Greenery Branches:  You can find branches outdoors (remember you are only going to use tips of branches, you do not need long stems) or you can purchase them from your local florist or nursery. Try to find two to three different kinds to mix for interest.  I bought mine at local florist- $15.00 for a box of greens, boxwood (my favorite!), evergreen and pine.  He even threw in some red berry branches for me!  PS. Make friends with your local florist if you think you would like to start making your own stuff.  A great resource!


Miscellaneous Items: Picks with wire, wire, Christmas balls and ribbon, red berries stems (backyard or florist), candles (optional), sharp knife, hammer and vase of water.

First step- soak your oasis wreath for an hour in warm water.


Meanwhile, lay all your supplies out together on a large surface.  Yes, it is going to make a big mess!


The first items I got ready for wreath were the branches.  I cut a top of pine branch off with knife (never scissors because scissors squeeze the end closed and the flowers can not drink):


Then layer with another type of greenery:


And then another type of branch.  Here I used the boxwood in front.


After you arrange a pleasing little group of greens, hold tight on the bottom and wrap wire around to hold them together.  I then cut the ends short and because they are hardwood, I smashed the ends with a hammer (which helps branches drink easier) and stuck in a vase of water until I was ready to begin the construction of my wreath.


After I put four green clusters together, I started sticking in wreath sideways.



Then I stuck the other three bundles in wreath form opposite each other.  If you think the branches are sticking to far out from side, cut off more of the stem to desired length.


wreathme-1      Having so much fun!

I could have put more branch bundles in, but I decided to try and fill in with individual branches to see how it would come out.


See how it is filling up on the side?  It was easy to take different pieces of the different branches and stick in to make appear fuller.  After I filled the whole wreath this way, I wanted to decorate it up a little with color.  The fun part!

So I took some picks,


And wrapped and twisted the wire around Christmas balls and pieces of ribbon:


And inserted the stick ends into the wreath.


Ta Da!!!



I am sooooooo proud of myself!!!  It looks pretty good, don’t you think?  Now if I can do it, I know you can too.  I had such a good time making it.  Do you know how expensive these pieces are to buy??  Very! This wreath only cost me about $30.00 to make.  If I wasn’t so lazy and got outside to cut branches from the yard, it could have been much less.


I am so happy how it came out!  What else can I make??

Comments?  Would you like to see more projects?

If you need help making your home festive and bright, contact me today!





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Simple Pumpkin Centerpiece

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


Isn’t this pumpkin hut so creative? It is a local farm stand where I buy my pumpkins every year:


I stopped by today to get a good size pumpkin for a centerpiece I had seen on Pinterest that I loved:

pumpkin centerpiece

I love going to this farm stand to buy fresh fruit and vegetables because they have so many different and unique items. After selecting my pumpkin, I grabbed my clippers and raided the neighbors yards:


I didn’t want anyone to see me so I was laughing at myself trying to cut fast and run! I just crack myself up sometimes.

Here is my beautiful pumpkin:


First, I cut off the top of the pumpkin, then I carved out the inside so I could place a vase:


I filled the vase with water and flower preservative:


And then started filling my vase:


The only issue I had was knowing when to stop:


Simple, quick and fun. Perfect! Have you enjoyed creating any projects this Season?

Linking up at Serenity Now Blog here. Great ideas- check it out!

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Heavenly Hydrangeas

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013



Have you taken advantage of the beautiful hydrangeas that are in full bloom right now in the Northeast?:



A close second to my favorite flower peonies, I love using hydrangeas in bouquets:



They are such a simple and elegant flower to bring indoors and they last a long time with regular care:



It is no wonder that hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowers used in a bridal bouquet because of their fullness and beauty:



I think they are such a happy flower! They look beautiful cut low:







And just as beautiful with tall stems:



Here are a few I picked up today:



Simple and beautiful! My favorite. Do you bring hydrangeas indoors for arrangements? Do you dry them out to enjoy longer? I never have attempted to dry them but the directions look fairly easy so now might be a good time to learn. I will keep you posted!

Thanks for stopping by!

If you need help with decorating ideas for your home, contact me today.

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Decorating With Forsythia

Thursday, April 18th, 2013


Spring has finally arrived here in the Northeast! I kept pulling over to the side of the road today to take a few pictures while I was out running errands:



So exciting to finally see some spring flowers start to bloom. I ended up here (neighbor’s) to cut some of my own branches to bring home:


One of the reasons I love forsythia is because it seems to announce in high definition that Spring is here. Another reason is because it is so easy to work with and create arrangements:



So simple and beautiful. I thought I would share some of my ideas to encourage you to run out and cut some branches! First I made something very simple:


Then I added a pop of color with a few purple irises that I had left over from another arrangement:


Next I decided to try a white vase:


Doesn’t forsythia look so pretty in small vases also?:


Do you know how beautiful that picture above would be if taken by a professional photographer? I wish I was a professional photographer.

I thought this branch was interesting:


Then I was down to my last couple of branches and decided to make a smaller arrangement:



Which looked a little boring so I snuck in some faux flowers:



Doesn’t it look like I had so much fun? I hope that I have inspired you to bring in some happy flowers! Do you like decorating with flowers? Tulips are coming! And my favorite- peonies. So simple and beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend my friends!

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