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Art In Bloom

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014


This past weekend I enjoyed a walking tour of Jackson, NH to see how individual gardeners put together their floral interpretations of art:



It is held by the Mountain Garden Club and this year marked their 10th anniversary of the walking tour,which is their annual gift to the valley. Art In Bloom is a walking tour of eight sites in Jackson where pieces of art are interpreted through member crafted floral arrangements:


They are all so unique. I loved this simple display:


This above was named ‘Garden Party’. She even painted the picture!

Many different and unique ideas were used as art:


This display had a nice story how this picture was her first art work purchased at nine years old:


A sign I saw on my walk I thought was cute:



This is beautiful:


If you are wondering like I was, why the artist did not use poppies like in the artwork, here was the answer:




I was telling everyone that I was glad we did not have to vote for a favorite! Too many that I really liked:


I really loved the simple displays.


This piece was really great:


Don’t you think they did a wonderful job?


A fairy garden!:


Loved this one! I met the artist and she said that everything here was made from items she found in her yard and garden.

I want one of these birdhouses:


They sell these handmade birdhouses locally. Look at the details:




Amazing! So talented.

This was really cute:


I know I said that I did not have a favorite BUT… (maybe):




Totally awesome. The photographer was there and told me he walked by an alleyway in Venice and saw these three women sitting there. He asked permission to take the photo. I love it, it is so interesting to me.

If you want to see more exhibits, or visit last year’s Art In Bloom, please visit

I hope you enjoyed! Do you have a favorite?

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Kitchen Decorating Idea

Saturday, June 21st, 2014


I have always thought that finding the right accessory for the kitchen island was challenging. Everything looks either too small or too large. I love fresh flowers, but that can get expensive. So I usually group a few items together to get the right proportion of accessories for the size of island.

The other day, just messing around, I thought about trying a tray to keep everything together. So I took my tray from the living room:


And changed out a couple items to look more kitchen-y:


Don’t you think it is a pretty good idea to use a tray for the island? I have seen a lot of kitchen photography over the years, and I have never noticed a tray being used. Easy to lift and move everything out of the way at once. And I think I will use the tray a lot more being in the kitchen to carry and hold stuff.

I really like this tray I had bought for the ottoman. I had looked a long time for one before I found one I really liked:


And since I already looked forever for this perfect tray, I am getting the same exact one because I like it so much! Target.

target trayvia

The size works well for my island and I like that the wood tray ties in with my cabinets.

Genius! haha Give it a try in your kitchen, I think you will really like the idea!

Have a great weekend everyone!

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.

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Great Little Gardening Tip

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

flower pot


I thought this was such a clever idea!: You know how you have a drainage hole in the bottom of your plant container?:


Well, to keep the soil from seeping from the container’s drainage hole and creating a mess on your walls and steps, place a piece of fine screen over the hole before filling with soil:



That will help keep in the soil instead of running out the bottom every time you water.


Pretty smart idea, don’t you agree? I read this idea in a Proven Winner catalog. I am so ready to start working outdoors! How about you?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Quick Ways To Update For Spring

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

spring window


We are all so ready to open the windows and let the sunshine in. Such a long winter this year. If you are thinking of gathering a few accessories to update your home, here a a few quick and inexpensive ideas to get you moving:

new entry rug


Start with your front door entry! There is such a wide selection of beautiful outdoor rugs to be found. Remember to think BIG, and colorful:

entry rug2


Take a look at your entry room as you enter the front door. Does it look cheerful? Can it use a fresh rug runner to use in the Spring and Summer? Try switching out some of your entry table accessories to make a new, lighter vignette. I love seeing fresh flowers when you first walk in a home. Don’t you think they make such a great first impression?

entry table


For the kitchen, again a new colorful rug will change the look and feel of the whole room:

kitchen rug


Here are a couple examples of rugs that will work well with both white cabinets or stained wood:

target rug


green rug


Both rug colors will also work great with a white sofa as well as a chocolate brown sofa in the living room.

And my favorite way to bring in Spring, if you have not guessed, is flowers and branches. Love!



So let’s celebrate and bring Spring in. I am not going to let a little snow here today:

spring snow

Dampen my spirits. I am moving forward and may the snow and cold be gone!

Has Spring arrived in your little section of the world?

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