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Simple Spring Mesh Wreath

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

I was at Michaels the other day and I saw these pretty Easter wreaths made out of mesh fabric:

mesh wreath


They were very pretty but cost $50.00 each!

Remember this burlap wreath I made last Fall?:


It was so easy and I got a lot of compliments on it. Since I had made the burlap wreath, I thought the mesh wreath should be fairly easy also.

I was happy to find at Michaels  a metal wreath that already has the twist ties attached. Much easier to make a wreath!


I used about one and 1/2 large rolls of mesh fabric and one small roll. The wreath was $6.00 and the rolls were on sale at $5.00 each.


First, tie end piece to wreath:


Then slide your hands down about 10 inches of fabric then gather together accordion style:


Attach the gather to the wreath using the twist ties:


I worked along the bottom ring first, then moved up to the inner ring.


A little hint is that it is easier to work if you put the wreath on the table and the roll of fabric on the floor:


When you think the wreath looks full enough, puff up each section!:


You can add a bunny or some Easter eggs or anything you like. I just wanted to add a happy Spring bow on mine:


I like simple and pretty! Happy Spring everyone! I think it is finally here.

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My Furniture Arrangement and Why

Monday, April 7th, 2014

A reader friend recently wrote and asked if I would show the other side of my condo living room to see how the furniture was arranged:

“What do you have on the other side of the room from the large window?  Is there a wall there?  What furniture did you place there, if any?  Does your little side table sorta overlap the fireplace or is there room between it?”

Well, here is the other side of the room across from the windows:

tv wall

This is a large, long living room area. Our TV was a main factor in deciding what the purpose of room will be used for. I am not the greatest fan of the TV over the fireplace, but it does make the best sense for arranging this room. (Plus, that is where all the cable and wires were.)


My first goal for the room was to walk in and have your eyes drawn to my pretty chairs, the windows and beyond:


I will tell you, that when I took photos to show off my new chairs in front the window, I had my husband move ‘his’ chair out of the way. No one wants to see that big, clunky chair in my nice photo shot:

mike chair

This is my husband’s favorite comfortable chair to watch TV and movies. He lives here too, so it is only right. lol. I push it out of the way the best I can and try to disguise it with throws and pillows.

My spot to watch TV is on the sofa. There were not a lot of options where to place the large piece. Either in front of the windows, or maybe between the living room/dining room area:


But I thought that big, empty wall was just crying out for attention:



So that is why the furniture was arranged this way. It is comfortable, pretty and functional. We also entertain in this room, but we seem to hang out more on the other side of the room with guests which I will share later this week.

Does anyone else have these ‘special’ (man-chair) pieces to work around?

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Stained Or Painted Kitchen Island?

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

stained island


I am working with a client in her new home which is being built. The homeowner, Sara, asked if I could help her with some of the major purchases so that she would get it right the first time, without all the stress. We are starting in the kitchen, which is the central room to all of the first floor.

stained island2

She has already chosen white for her cabinets and a medium wood stained floor. She wanted to pick a wall color next, but I told her she needed to pick the granite out first, then the wall color.

blue island


I am so glad I could help her with that decision. It is much easier to pick a wall color around the granite, rather than have to choose a granite color around your wall color. Agreed, right?

While she is looking at granite, I am gathering information and photos to help her decide what look she loves best for her kitchen island. Painted or stained wood?:

white island


blue island2


stained island3


red island


white island2


stained island4


So many beautiful choices. Which would you prefer, a stained or painted island with your white cabinets? Hard decision!

If you need help making major purchasing decisions in your home, contact me today.

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More Granite Decisions

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014



I thought picking the actual granite stone would be the only difficult decision to make:


But as my husband and I found out, there are other important decisions to be made. Such as the surface. Today, you can have your countertops polished, honed or leathered:


We choose the leathered, which is still smooth but has a little texture to it. I think it will be much easier to take care of and not show every little fingerprint or water spot (you can read more here if you are interested in learning about the different surfaces).



The next step was having the installer come to the house and measure. I had my heart set on not having the granite brought up the wall as a backsplash. I wanted it clean like this:





backsplash 3


But no, we have another issue. The installer, who owns the business and has been doing this a long time, tells me that all of those beautiful pictures of the backsplash going to the bottom edge are from homes in the South where it is always warm. In the Northeast, where my home is, the house is always moving and adjusting for the different temperature changes. If I were to put backsplash tile all the way down to the granite counter, the separation of the seam would constantly be changing. The seam would be separated and open at times and I thought it might collect dirt as well as not looking attractive.

 granite meet


What do I know about granite?? So, I followed his advice and am going with a 4” high granite backsplash. I think it will still be beautiful (and easier to clean!).

granite with granite backsplash


One other big decision was the countertop edge. Of course there has to be about eight different edges to choose from. We chose a half-radius edge at first. Then the installer told us we should get a simpler edge because when the granite is cut for the edges, it turns smooth and shiny. Since our granite is leathered, we have to be careful of too much of an edge showing. The shiny would draw too much attention to it and it would stand out. So we choose a simpler beveled edge:

beveled edge


So many decisions! And yes, if you were wondering, we picked the Viscont White granite over the blue after our adventure to the granite yard here. The blue was gorgeous, but I felt it would be too ‘bossy’ in our kitchen. I love the simplicity of the black and white and it will work best in our home!

Love to hear any thoughts or comments. Thanks everyone!

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