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Quick Crown Molding Paint Question

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014



I recently received a letter from a reader questioning if she should paint her crown molding the same color as the ceiling paint color, the trim color or the wall color to make the ceiling look taller and NOT look lower.



I did not have a picture of her room to base my advice on but gave her an answer that is the general rule for most circumstances:

A crown molding that is painted a different color than the walls may make the ceiling seem even lower because the highlighted molding draws the eyes to it. Also, if the molding is painted a different color than the walls, especially if the molding is painted the same as the ceiling color, it will make the ceiling look lower.

My advice to her was in this case, you might want to paint the crown molding and walls to match so the molding will be a continuation of the wall and the ceilings will not look shorter.



See how the room looks taller in the above photo with the crown molding painted the same color as the wall?

I hope this helps. I love crown molding and believe the extra detail in a room looks stunning!

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Guest Bedroom Update

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

I recently finished an online design plan for a family guest bedroom:

deb br

Mary Ellen wanted a new and fresh guest room for her parents who stays with her a few months out of the year. And she specified that she wanted the room to look pretty! Everything in the room was going except for the carpet and ceiling fan. It is hard to see in the photos, but the carpet has a yellow undertone.

I had suggested twin beds, which I think is a great option for guest rooms. She decided to go with a queen size bed. Here is her final headboard selection:

deb bed


I wanted to brighten the room as much as possible, so I suggested white bedding:

white coverlet


With a beautiful, colorful duvet folded at the bottom of the bed:

deb duvet


I also suggested placing the headboard centered against the window to balance out the room:

deb br2

She is going to look for a small dresser for the wall on the right above. One trick I use to save space in bedrooms, is to hang the tv up on a wall bracket and out of the way:

tv stand


There were several different ways we could have gone to select a paint color using the duvet cover:

deb duvet2


She decided she loved Benjamin Moore Lavender Wash CSP-515:

CSP-515 lavender wash


Especially with the window treatments she chose:

deb window


deb bedroom

I wish I could fast forward and show you the after pictures! Mary Beth said she would share photos after she finished the room.

I think it looks marvelous! And so does Mary Beth which is what really matters. What do you think of the plan put together for the guest bedroom?

If you need help planning your room redesign, contact me today.

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Good Tip When Decorating Your Mantel

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

dining  room


I think you will agree that the best-looking mantels are when you walk into the room and the mantel makes a visual impact even from a distance.



I always suggest accessories to be large to make any kind of impression. If your accessories are too small and you can not see what they are from a distance, they tend to look like clutter.




So remember, think dramatic with accessories when decorating your mantel, even if it is only one large piece of art:



You want your mantel to stand out and be noticed as a gorgeous piece of the room, right? Love the drama!

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.

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Weekend Ombre Project

Monday, May 5th, 2014


A project I have always wanted to try is to paint one of my sets of stairs with something different and unique:


I had no trouble convincing my husband of my idea, even though is not always crazy about all of my painting ventures. :)

I showed him a picture on Pinterest and he agreed it was a great idea:



I needed to select another color that would work well with my top green wall and also Ben Moore’s AF-575 Instinct, which will soon be painted on a nearby wall:



I choose Ben Moore’s color strip # 090. The only problem was that there are eight stairs to paint and the paint strip only has seven colors:

color strip

I did not want the color to go any lighter or darker than the strip, so I choose In The Twilight # 1434 which color falls right between Irises and Amethyst Shadow:


I bought the smallest size available which is a pint. The paint store told me the small pints only come in a flat or eggshell finish. I thought I was going to do the stairs in semi gloss, but I am so glad now because I love the non-shine look of the ombre!:



That was my fun weekend project! How about you? Are you working on any decorating or painting projects right now?

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.


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